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These are frequently asked questions by book and course authors. If you can't find an answer here, please email us at

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What can a primary author do that the co-authors not do?
How do I switch to the Upload writing mode?
Why do I need to format my Word file to match Leanpub's Word template style guide?
Can I use Unicode playing card characters in my book?
How do footnotes work in Asides?
When I try using iFrames in a course, I get a "refused to connect" message. What can I do?
How can I create a bullet point list in italics?
How to Create a Free "Community Edition" of a Leanpub Book
How Can I Insert a Page Break?
Do you support AsciiDoctor? If not, is there a workaround for AsciiDoc support?
I'm an author and I have more than one Leanpub account. How can I switch a book from one Leanpub account to another?
H3 headings aren't showing up in my Table of Contents. What can I do?
How can I get my self-published Leanpub ebook into print?
I'm using the Upload writing mode. How do I upload a sample book file that people can read before buying the book?
is it possible to have a long dash with Markua? How can you type an em dash and an en dash?
Why Leanpub is discontinuing MOBI support, and what this means for small publishers and self-published authors
I'm interested in publishing an in-progress book on Leanpub. I'm looking for a clear idea of what I need to do to get started right away on selling my work in progress.
How does a coauthor edit their custom author info?
Does Leanpub support using Font Awesome icons for blurbs?
My code samples are getting line-wrapped with backslashes. What can I do?
I can't see the content on the "Quiz Responses" page for a course. Why?
Migrating / converting to Markua 0.30
I have a five-level list, and preview generation is failing. Why is this happening?
Can anyone else see my previews? I don't want anyone else to see my previews!
Setting Up and Using OpenAI GPT-3 Integration in Leanpub's In-Browser Editor for Self-Published Book Authors
How do I import a Word file into Leanpub (and convert it into plain text, so I can write on Leanpub in the Browser writing mode)?
I've signed up for Leanpub Author Services. How will I get information about my book sales on Amazon?
Leanpub Author Services: Working with Leanpub to Publish Your Book in Print!
Is there a way for Leanpub authors to find out when they published their books for the first time, and to see their book's new version publishing history?
How to Create an Index in a Leanpub Book
How do I publish a new version of my book?
Is there a bridge between Obsidian and Leanpub?
Is it possible to import chapters created as individual PDFs?
How can I change my code font?
If I use Leanpub Author Services to sell my book only in print on Amazon, can I keep selling only the ebook on Leanpub?
I have some published and unpublished upload mode books. How do I buy Leanpub Author Services for them?
Do you support webhooks for courses?
How is the publication date set on the verso page for a Leanpub book?
How can I change the font size of chapter titles in my book?
On the landing page for each of my books, there is a section called "Other books by this author" or "Other books by these authors". This section does not display all of my/our books. Why?
How do I get "Other books by this author" or "Other books by these authors" to show up at the bottom of my book landing pages?
How can I make the margins equal on both sides of my book's Print-Ready PDF?
I'm a Leanpub author, and I'd like to do a test purchase of my book (or bundle, or course). How can I do this?
How do sales notifications work for Leanpub authors? How do I get notified if someone buys my book on Leanpub?
How do I turn off line numbering on code snippets in my Leanpub course?
I'm writing Exercises in a course on Leanpub and I'm seeing multiple "Try the exercises" links in a row.
Where can I find a Leanpub course's Exercise answers?
Debugging EPUB Validation Errors
How do I submit book to Leanpub?
I'm a Leanpub author. Someone reached out to me using Leanpub's "Email the Author(s)" feature, but they didn't include their email address. What can I do?
I'd like to share some of my royalties with a nonprofit or charity through the Leanpub for Causes program. How can I do this?
Could you please tell me how to format my ebook? I see some great examples of Lean pub ebooks, but I can't find any formatting or styling options
How can I create crosslinks in my book?
How can I create crosslinks to images in my book?
I'm using Dropbox in my web browser to manage my files. But when I upload a changed file to Dropbox, the changes don't appear in my Leanpub preview. What can I do?
Methods for Writing and Displaying Math in Ebooks and HTML
I'm a Leanpub author. How do the Reader Memberships affect me?
A while ago I created a book on Leanpub for $99. Do I have to pay for a plan to create a new book?
Accepting Your Leanpub Royalty Payments via Wise (With Currency Conversion)
What URL should I choose for my book?
What is Markua?
I'm an author using a Fire tablet and the Silk browser, and backspace isn't working in Leanpub's Browser writing mode. What can I do?
How do I resize image height?
I've got a book that I don't want to be displayed on my profile page. What can I do?
My book is free, but someone actually paid for it anyway! What should I do?
How can I add a web link to an image?
How Can I Add a Disclaimer to the Beginning of My Book?
How Can I Add a Dedication to the Beginning of My Book?
Does Leanpub Support Footnotes in Tables?
How Can I Make Nested Numbered Lists?
How Do I Write a Bulleted List?
Is it possible to add copyright © and trademark ™ symbols via Markua?
What happened to Leanpub's Bitbucket writing mode?
Courses Support iFrames
Getting Started Using Leanpub's Git and GitHub Writing Mode to Write a Course: TL;DR Version
Can publishers include a custom CSS file with their EPUB3 output?
I want to downgrade my paid subscription to Free, and cancel my monthly subscription payment. How can I do that?
How can I do fill-in-the-blank sentences when I'm writing a book in Markua?
I don't see a cursor in the online editor. What can I do?
How do I update my credit card details for my monthly Standard or Pro subscription?
I'm in the Dropbox writing mode and some images are not appearing in my book. What can I do?
Images look smaller in the EPUB version of my book than they do in the PDF version of my book. Why? Is there anything I can do to change the size of images in the EPUB version?
I don't want to make monthly payments for my subscription. How can I purchase a lifetime plan?
I want to publish a book on Leanpub that is a translation. Are there any special requirements for translators?
I want to publish a new edition of my book on Leanpub. What should I do?
I published my book and the "Notify Me When This Is Published" button and "I Would Pay..." form disappeared. Why?
How do I set the language for my book?
How do I set the language for my bundle?
Is it free to use Leanpub's self-publishing platform?
What is Leanpub's royalty rate? Are there any restrictions on where I can self-publish my book, and what price I can charge?
How to promote your self-published Leanpub ebook by offering a bulk discount to conference organizers
What are Leanpub's top recommendations for promoting self-published books? How can Leanpub help with book marketing?
Walkthrough: Creating a Book Cover Image
Can I do a two-column layout in my PDF?
Where can I see how many free vs paid copies of my book have been purchased by readers?
Some Print-Ready PDF Guidance from Leanpub
How to Market A Book You Haven't Published Yet: Part One
How can I create a block quote in Word?
I published my incomplete / in-progress book, and people are actually buying it! Is that normal? How can I rate the reaction to my book, compared to other Leanpub books?
How can I type an umlaut (diaresis) ¨ on a character in the in-browser text editor?
I have a paid monthly subscription, but I am not actually getting charged for it! What should I do?
Walkthrough: How To Make A Book Cover Image Using PowerPoint
Walkthrough: How To Make A Book Cover Image Using Keynote
The in-browser text editor is blank. What's going on?
Can I write math figures inside a paragraph?
Getting Started Creating an Online Course in Leanpub's Dropbox Writing Mode
Quick Walkthroughs for Getting Started on a Leanpub Course
Getting Started Creating an Online Course in Leanpub's Git and GitHub Writing Mode
Using Webhooks with Your Leanpub Book
Is there a way to change the color of some text?
Setting up webhooks if you're using Leanpub's GitHub writing mode for your book
I'm thinking of buying a spot on The Shelf, along with a Sponsored Deal newsletter spot. How many users does Leanpub get? How much traffic the Leanpub homepage get? How many subscribers do the newsletters get?
How can I make something that looks like a task list in a Leanpub book?
Details of Leanpub Discount Promotions (for Authors)
Does Leanpub support non-breaking spaces?
I'm working on a book in the Browser writing mode. and I'm seeing a an "Error" message on the Write tab. What can I do?
Can I use comments in my manuscript, that won't appear in the book?
How does markua-start-insert, markua-end-insert, markua-start-delete and markua-end-delete work?
How do I make ### sub-sections appear in the Table of Contents?
What should the folder structure be for my book?
I was working on a book but I can't find it anymore on Leanpub! Where can I look to keep writing my book?
Getting Started Using the Leanpub API for Authors
Does Leanpub have formatting advice, like for typefaces and font size, and page width?
For Leanpub PDFs: Are PDF books searchable? Is copy/paste allowed? Is printing allowed?
Updating a Leanpub book, course, or bundle using the old Google Analytics "Universal Analytics" to GA4
Is it possible to have a legend at the end to the figures and its descriptions?
Setting Up Google Analytics GA4 for Leanpub Books, Courses, and Bundles
Is it possible to create a glossary of terms?
I'm confused about Leanpub's paid plans for authors. How can I find out more about subscriptions?
How to test uploading ebooks to Google Play Books
I want to write in Dark Mode in the in-browser text editor. How can I do that?
Is Leanpub going to do NFTs for ebooks?
I'm having trouble accessing my PayPal account. What can I do about my Leanpub royalties?
I'm using screenshots in my book or course and they are coming out blurry. What can I do?
I upgraded to a Standard or Pro plan but I still don't see the Standard or Pro features in my book or course. What can I do?
My book is getting bigger than I expected and I would like to split it into multiple books/volumes. I would also like to share the new books with my current readers for free. How can I do this?
The highest minimum price for a book or course is $500. Does that mean $500 is the most someone can pay for a Leanpub purchase? What if someone wants to buy 100 copies of my $20 book?
How can I add an image to a book?
How do I add an image to a Leanpub book if I'm writing in the GitHub or Dropbox writing mode?
What does it mean to use some of your unpaid royalties to get a service (like a Shelf advertising spot or TranslateAI) on Leanpub?
If I contact Leanpub for help with my book, will Leanpub's support team do previews of my book for me, to resolve the issue?
I want to show code samples, in a generic language. But I can get no syntax highlighting at all. What can I do?
My book is in Leanpub's Google Docs writing mode, but that writing mode is no longer supported by Leanpub, and it doesn't work. What should I do next?
What happened to Leanpub's Google Docs writing mode?
How do I switch writing modes for my book?
Is there a way to make a book totally free?
I'm thinking of using Leanpub to publish a book, but I have a few questions! Where can I start?
I'm publishing a new book, and I would like to offer readers of my other books a discount on the new book. How can I do that?
Can I also sell my ebook on Amazon?
I can't find the "Custom" theme option on my book. Where can I find it?
Can I switch from a justified margin to a ragged right (unjustified) margin?
I'm trying to upload a Leanpub book to Apple and it tells me an image called title_page is too big, but I don't have an image called title_page. What can I do?
I want to upload a new version of my book. Where can I do that?
I'm trying to upload a Print-Ready PDF to a print book service and I'm seeing the error "The uploaded file has an unsupported trim size." What can I do?
Can I add a back cover image to my ebook?
Getting Started Using Leanpub's Git and GitHub Writing Mode to Write a Book: TL;DR Version
The video is not working on my book's landing page. What can I do?
When I'm writing a book, are my changes only visible to me as the author?
What happens when I upload an "Extra" digital file to be sold as part of a Package?
Getting Started Creating an Online Course in Leanpub's Web Browser Writing Mode
Why are runtimes like Deno and languages like TypeScript under the JavaScript category?
Troubleshooting Using External Links for Images
I can't figure out where to edit my book in Leanpub. What can I do?
I would like to provide people with sample chapters or a sample book of my unpublished book. How can I do this?
What is the difference between the "Customers" list and the "Interested Readers" list?
Some images aren't appearing in my book and I'm sure I'm doing everything correctly in Markua. What can I do?
How do I email my readers about a new version of my book if I'm using the "Upload" writing mode?
Do you support using emoji in Markua?
Where is the Writing Mode page for my book?
Where is the Generation Settings page for my book?
How do I add a footnote?
Where do I go to publish my book, and put it up for sale on Leanpub?
I've set web link addresses to show up in footnotes. But what do I do with links in footnotes?
Some of the text in my book is spilling over into the margins in the PDF version. Why is this happening and is there anything I can do?
On my book's landing page, can I show the number of people who have bought my book?
Can I show how many subscribers/readers there are on my course landing page?
How do I set up my author profile?
Getting Started Using Leanpub's InDesign Export Feature
I don't like the URL for the forum for my book or course. Can I change it?
I'm using Leanpub's Upload writing mode, and I would like to have a Table of Contents appear on the book's landing page. How can I do that?
I'm writing a book using the In-Browser Text Editor writing mode, and I would like to update my images, with new versions of the image files. How can I do this?
I'm generating a Leanpub book and it's stuck on a step. What should I do?
I'm using the Upload writing mode. Do I need to upload a cover image to Leanpub?
How do I close a retired bundle?
A Brief Tour of Leanpub (for Authors!)
How do I remove a co-author from a book?
There are limited "previews" and "publishes" when you have a Free plan. What does this mean?
I'm having an issue with Google Analytics. What can I do?
I have a successful Leanpub book. Does Leanpub offer translation services?
I tried setting alt-caption and alt-title and it didn't work...
I opted in to the newsletter sales, but I haven't seen my book or course in any of the sales yet. Why haven't I been included in a sale yet? Is there anything I can do?
I want to distribute my book for free. Can I use Leanpub to sell books for free?
I want to see error reports when I generate a book. How can I do this?
Leanpub Author FAQ
How do I create a "frontmatter" section in my book, displayed with Roman numerals in the Table of Contents?
How To Make and Sell Multiple-Copy "Team Edition"-Style Packages
I accepted a royalty payment from Leanpub, but I wish the payment had been sent to my other PayPal email address. Can you cancel the payment, and send it to my other email address?
What is the difference between unpublishing and retiring a book?
If I retire my book, will people who bought it in the past be able to still download it? Will this prevent new people from purchasing it?
My book is not in English, but in the sample book, there is an English message in each of the chapters that is not included in the sample. What can I do?
I am on a free plan and am permitted only 20 previews & publishes per month. Do failed preview & publish generation attempts count against this?
How to embed code blocks in lists
How do I upload an ebook file from my device, when I'm writing in Leanpub's Upload writing mode?
I'm using {sample: false} to exclude some chapters from my sample book, but the chapters are still appearing in the sample book! What is happening?
How do I get Japanese characters to appear in a code block?
Can I do text formatting inside code blocks?
In Markua, can I override the global code block line numbering setting?
Does Leanpub have any support for widow/orphan control?
I don't see the page number on the first page of a new chapter in my book. Why is that?
I've been added as a contributor on a book, but my profile image isn't showing up. What can I do?
How can I add a Reader Testimonial to my Leanpub book's landing page?
I'm writing with manually line-wrapped paragraphs, and Leanpub is adding single line breaks for my line wrapping. How can I turn that off?
How do I make my book available on the web for free, without someone having to make a purchase?
How to ensure your images have proper file sizes
I'm a Leanpub author and I'm currently on a paid monthly plan. What happens if I downgrade my account to free?
I can't download a book. Instead I see an error that says "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it." What can I do?
I would like to download a backup of my manuscript from Leanpub. How can I do that?
How do Leanpub customers get access to my books or courses, after they buy them?
I want to stop selling my book on Leanpub, but it is not finished. What should I do about people who have bought my book on Leanpub?
How can I contact someone who buys my Leanpub books or courses?
My table of contents is showing up on my book web page. Is there a way to hide it?
I'm publishing an in-progress book. How can I contact my readers when I publish a new version of my book, with a new chapter?
Can I retire a book or course?
I'm filling in the About the Book information and would like to know what the "Teaser Text" is, and how it will appear to people?
How do I make a published course visible on my author profile page?
How do I add an image or picture to a book, if I'm using the in-browser text editor?
I selected "No web page" on the Generation Settings page and published a new version of my book, but I still see a "Web" version is available. Can you please explain this?
I noticed a book has been put in the wrong category. What should I do?
I'm being blocked from creating a book, and it says the URL I'm choosing is "restricted". What does that mean?
Do you have two-factor authentication for Leanpub accounts?
Is there any way to change the order of authors on a book?
I'm a Leanpub author. Can readers of my book or course share their email address with me? If they do, where can I find a list of shared email addresses?
I'm trying to create a new book or course and I can't. It shows me a message that says "Unable to process request." What can I do?
I'm using the Markua directive {sample: true} to try and make a sample book when I preview and publish, but no sample book is generated. What can I do?
Is it possible to add a chapter and make it invisible/exclude it from the book published?
I missed my royalty payment email, and the payment has expired! What should I do?
I have decided not to finish my book. What should I do?
How can I disable HTML publishing? I just want my book available in PDF and EPUB.
Where can I see all my published and unpublished courses?
The sample directives aren't working in my book. Why?
What is the "landing page" for my book, bundle, course, or course Track?
I created a new book or course but I can't find the files in Dropbox. What can I do?
I created a new book, or course, or bundle, and I can't find it! Where can I find a book, bundle, course, or course Track that I have created?
Is there a page on Leanpub where potential customers can see all my published books and courses?
Is it possible to use two different email addresses, one for my Leanpub account, and another one to receive payments via PayPal?
Book generation is taking longer and longer, and the subset feature is not very convenient. Is there a way to disable the EPUB generation? And only generate a PDF?
Eventually I want to sell my books on other platforms, like Amazon or IngramSpark. Should I use Leanpub?
I want to add a version number that will appear near the beginning of my book. How can I do that?
How do I get a shrug emoticon in Markua?
How do I insert an inline image in Markua?
I didn't set up my Leanpub account properly. I forgot to set the correct address for my PayPal account. Is there an easy way to redirect it to my PayPal account?
How do I edit the About the Book section for my book? I can't find it!
How can I create a bundle with other authors?
I tried adding my picture to my author profile and it did not work. What can I do?
I have a Lifetime Standard Plan, and I want to upgrade to a Lifetime Pro Plan. What should I do?
I'm a Leanpub author and I currently have a monthly paid plan, but I want to upgrade to a Lifetime Standard Plan or a Lifetime Pro Plan. What should I do?
I want to pay for a Standard or Pro plan, but I want to be reimbursed for this by my company or university department. What should I do?
How do I retire a bundle?
I'm using the Dropbox writing mode, and some content is not appearing in my book. What can I do?
I want to upload and publish an incomplete ebook in PDF. What should I do?
I would like to send an email to all my readers. How can I do that?
I'm writing in the web browser editor, and some chapters of my book are not showing up. What can I do?
I'm having problems trying to float images. What can I do?
My book or course is in "cold storage". What does this mean?
I'm seeing an error message that says "Sorry, we encountered an error while processing this job". Help! What can I do?
I'm getting an error when I'm trying to restore a book from cold storage. What can I do?
I want to help with Leanpub's language localization. How can I help?
Is it possible to offer a volume discount for a book?
I would like to un-indent paragraphs sometimes. Is there a way to to that?
I'm using "float" for an image, and text is wrapping around the image, but I want the image to be on a line on its own. What can I do?
I want to add my own logo to my book. Is there a feature that lets me do this?
I'm experiencing book generation failure. What can I do?
I want to generate a completely white-label ebook. I discovered I could export an un-branded book but it still has the title and copyright page. I'd like to remove those as well and just start with Contents. Is this possible?
I'm seeing weird error messages that make no sense. What is happening, and what can I do?
Why does Leanpub make books with a non-free minimum price have a $7.99 minimum price?
Should I use Leanpub's global setting for the default code language in my programming book, or should I set the language on every code block in my book, or should I let Leanpub guess?
I'm working in plain text on my computer, and I'm getting book generation failure. What can I do?
I want to embed a video on my book's Leanpub landing page. How can I do this?
I'm using the Upload writing mode. Can I upload multiple PDFs, for use on different reading device sizes, for example?
Do you have any plans to support GitLab, in addition to GitHub?
I'm writing in the In-Browser Editor, and I'm getting book generation failure. What can I do?
May I sell every book I have written on Leanpub on my own website?
After I created my book in Leanpub, is it possible to switch from Leanpub editor to GitHub or Dropbox seamlessly?
How should I track sales from my various channels, like my blog and my mailing lists or newsletters, or my podcast? Google Analytics, maybe?
Leanpub Author Support Guidelines
How can I remove syntax highlighting from my code blocks?
I'm writing my book in the In-Browser Editor and I'm seeing the message "Please wait while we upgrade the plain text editor." What can I do?
I've written a few chapters of a book. Should I send it to a literary agent?
My Google Analytics sales chart doesn't match my sales chart in Leanpub. What is going on?
What are the different features in the Free, Standard and Pro author plans?
What are the settings for each of the different Book Themes?
How much does Leanpub cost for authors to use?
How can I offer my bundles for sale in the Monthly Sale newsletter?
Part of my plan is create training courses and using a platform like Thinkific or Teachable. Do you also offer the same service?
My manuscript is ready, it has been fully professionally edited. I only have the cover design and formatting left. Should I use Leanpub?
I thought I saw something on your site about authors and articles. I recently submitted a few articles on a site called Medium. Do you have a similar offering?
Someone has contacted me with a request to distribute copies of my book to their conference. What should I do?
I've published a book on Leanpub. Now, I want to approach a traditional publisher. What should I do?
Do you have a way to create a bibliography in a Leanpub book?
How do I get rid of the automatic indentation of new paragraphs?
I want to email my readers to ask for feedback. How can I do this?
Can I have nested folders for images?
How can I format my Table of Contents? I see some examples of Leanpub books which use numbering for the book parts, chapters, sections, sub-sections, etc., and I see that the Table of Contents can have dots or no dots...
I’d like to switch my books from Dropbox writing mode to GitHub writing mode. Is that possible?
Walkthrough: Creating a Print-Ready PDF Export from a Leanpub Book Manuscript to Use with Print-On-Demand Services
How do I integrate my Leanpub book with MailChimp?
I created a book for Free. How do I upgrade it to Standard or Pro?
Walkthrough: How To Create A Bundle of Leanpub Books
How To Accept An Invitation To Include Your Book In A Proposed Leanpub Bundle
Can I make a package to sell multiple copies of a book?
I'm making a two column table with a short first column and a long second column, and your tables have terrible line spacing when there are multiple lines of word wrapping. Help!
I purchased a book that came with extra files to download. Where can I find the link to download the .zip file with the "Extras"?
My published book is not showing up in my Author page. Did I miss a setting to include it?
I was using Leanpub and some stuff went wrong. Then when I tried to access Leanpub, the page just spun and sat there. Help!
Can I grant access to an editor to my book? He or she would fix typos and wording, and be able to create a preview of the book.
Converting a Leanpub book from Markua to Word
Quick Walkthroughs for Getting Started on a Leanpub Book
The Leanpub Frontmatter Podcast
How can I change the title of my book?
My books sales are down. Is there a seasonal pattern to book sales?
What apps and devices should I test my book in?
My book is in Dropbox writing mode. How do I update my book?
I only want to do preview of a specific part of my book. How do I so a "Subset Preview"?
Where do I set my book to be X percent complete?
I would like to restrict the distribution of my ebook to only my company and a few customers. Can I use Leanpub to do that?
I'm getting book generation failure at Step 15. What can I do?
How Do I Add My Book, Bundle, or Course to the List of Products That Can Be Included In Leanpub's Weekly and Monthly Email Newsletter Sales?
Crosslinks to chapter headings aren't working in my Markua book. What should I be doing?
I would like to update the payment information for my Leanpub Standard or Pro subscription plan. What can I do?
Leanpub Flavoured Markdown vs. Markua for writing in plain text
I was trying to get the API and webhooks working, and now I've hit my preview and publish limit. Help!
Getting Started Using Leanpub's Upload Writing Mode to Self-Publish Your Book
Getting Started Writing a Book in Leanpub's Web Browser Writing Mode
What's the difference between a new version and a new edition?
How do I change the resolution of an image?
I want to help a parent write and publish a book on Leanpub. How do I do this, so that I can help with the manuscript but not show up as an author on the book?
Getting Started Using Leanpub's Git and GitHub Writing Mode to Write and Publish a Book
My code samples are having a backslash \ added to them on long lines. Help!
I have a book that I'm thinking of making into a course. How does this work?
Getting Started Writing a Book in Leanpub's Dropbox Writing Mode
I'm having a problem generating my book. What should I do?
I've lost some files in Dropbox! What can I do?
Printing on demand a Leanpub book with
My book or course has been retired from sale on the Leanpub store due to a Notification of Infringement determination. What can I do?
A Primary Author of a book revoked my co-author status and my royalty share. What are my options?
How to Get Your Leanpub Book Into Print: The Easy Way
The last line of a centered block of text is not centered. What can I do?
Can I create and sell a bundle of books?
I'm about to publish my work in progress. Is there anything I need to know? Do I need to state that it is unfinished or is it assumed due to it being published with you?
Is it possible to make an HTML version as a preview of my book so that it shows up in Google?
If I upload a PDF, will Leanpub generate an EPUB file for me?
I'm an author and I can't find my book in Leanpub. What can I do?
Why does each ebook size only correspond to a subset of the print-ready PDF export sizes? Also, how can I make a 7" x 10" or a 7.5" x 9.25" print-ready PDF?
Floating images aren't working well in my book. What can I do?
What's the best way to request a new feature?
Where do I set the price for my book?
Co-Authors / Contributors / Editors changing "metadata" or book descriptions?
Can I publish anonymously on Leanpub? Is it possible to use a pen name or a pseudonym?
How do I upload a book?
I've written a book and I want to self-publish it. Can you advise me on the details of my project?
What is the difference between Markua and Leanpub-Flavored Markdown, and which one should I choose for writing my book?
Why does Leanpub sometimes give away free copies of books and courses without asking the author?
Should I include animated GIF files in my book?
I would like to send each person who buys my book a custom coupon code. How can I do this?
How do I make a sample book available when I'm writing in Markua?
I have a Sample.txt file but no sample book is being created. What can I do?
How do I publish a book on Leanpub?
Where can I find information about my royalties?
Is it possible to justify the text, so that the text is aligned on both the left and right margins?
Can I create a book on Leanpub and sell it on another platform?
Things to Do Before Publishing Your Leanpub Book
I'd like to become a Leanpub author. What should I do? What do I need to know?
How do I delete versions?
I’m brand new to authoring on Leanpub, but I’d like to take a “lean” approach and gauge interest in books, interact with interested readers early (before some content is written) and others. What’s a typical flow for this type of development?
I am interested in self publishing a book with Leanpub. I don't want to profit from the book - I want the profits to go to charity. Would it be possible to have it say 'Charity Gets' instead of 'Author Earns' when people go to purchase the book?
Before my book is published, can people sign up to be notified when it is first published? How do I know how many people have signed up to be notified when this book is published?
I want to make a 7.0x9.1 inch print book, but the only ebook sizes are 6x9 inches and 8.5x11 inches. What do I do?
Is there landscape mode for screen reading?
I am trying to do something in Markua, following the documentation, but it is not working. What can I do?
How does copyright work?
I've published a new book, and would like to add it to an existing bundle. How can I do that? Will existing purchasers of the bundle get the new book?
Why can't the read online view support readers turning pages, like a book or magazine?
I would like to customize or flag which headers to display in the generated Table of Contents. For example, only section and top-level, or something.
How do I make a free sample book available to readers? I'm writing in Leanpub-Flavored Markdown.
What happened to Leanpub's GitHub Service? Why should I use Webhooks?
How do Leanpub book community Forums work?
I've written a book in LaTeX and produced a PDF for sale on Leanpub. Should I also make an EPUB version of my book?
I just started a new book and my changes to the .txt files in the Dropbox folder on my computer aren't being picked up by Leanpub. What can I do?
I can't upload an EPUB file using the "Upload" mode. What is going wrong?
How to Add a New Chapter to a Plain Text Book
How do I add a link to Lulu or KDP print versions to my Leanpub book page?
Some Leanpub books don't show the "Author Earns" slider. Why?
I am seeing blank pages inserted before pages with images. What can I do?
Can you pay me my royalties in Euro using Wise (formerly TransferWise)? The exchange rate is better than PayPal's, and we're talking thousands of USD here...
I put my Leanpub book up for sale through CreateSpace, and I just heard Amazon is merging CreateSpace into KDP Print. What can I do?
One Leanpub Author's Approach to Creating an Index
Can I publish a book in landscape orientation rather than portrait?
Resources for Learning How To Improve Your Ebook's Discoverability and Improve Your Self-Publishing Skills
I’m thinking of “retiring” an older publication and trying KDP Select for a period. While retired, can existing book owners still download the book again if they wanted?
My book isn't showing up in Google searches. What can I do?
How to Improve Discoverability of Your Book Online Using Leanpub
I think the connection between Leanpub and my GitHub repo is not working. What can I do?
Italics are not working when they are in square brackets
I'm writing a book which is not a programming book. Will Leanpub publish it?
Are the customers notified when the book is updated?
What options do I get if I choose a Custom theme?
What PDF book sizes do you offer under Custom Themes?
Can I transfer primary control of a book from myself to someone else?
Can readers pre-order my book?
My book generation is stopping at Step 27, which has to do with Dropbox output. What can I do?
How do I set a file to have UTF-8 encoding, when I am converting the file into a Leanpub book?
I'm confused about image sizes!
Can I use Scrivener with Leanpub?
If I sign up for a monthly Standard or Pro plan, is there any lock in like a 1 year contract?
If I create a translation of my book, how can I indicate that the new book is a translation?
I am facing some issues on making images appear on my preview version. Is there any specification (maximum size or definition dpi) that images should follow?
Can I initially publish an incomplete work for free, and give it a higher price as I publish additional content?
I see a lot of translations of Leanpub books. How do I translate a book into my language?
I have a weird issue trying to preview, and I'm using Dropbox. Have I gotten disconnected somehow?
How do bundle updates work?
How do I share my book with reviewers before I publish?
Where are some simple sample Leanpub Flavoured Markdown or Markua books?
I hit the 20 preview limit. Can I make previews offline or have the limit increased?
I want to publish my book both in two languages simultaneously. Is there a special procedure available that can be helpful in keeping both versions connected? Or do I just have to publish both versions in isolation?
I want to write in Markua 0.30. How do I switch?
I have an organizational "author" account, can I change author name to my personal name?
How do I find out if I have a free Pro subscription?
Your refund system can be abused. Is there a way to block refunds, or dispute individual cases?
I've had a few refunds for my book. Can I find out why they were requested? I want to use the information to improve my book
Do you have an interest in publishing my book? (Manuscript draft attached.)
GitHub sharing is not working with Leanpub! Is two-factor authentication the problem?
Can I change the GitHub repo for my book?
How do I include videos in my course? What about security? Can these videos be private?
How do I annotate my code samples for my own purposes?
I'm producing a print book. Can Leanpub help me?
How can I support Leanpub?
Can you share some success stories?
Why are you called Leanpub?
How do I simulate console input in an example?
How do I change my PayPal email for royalties? Is there a way to keep my current email with Leanpub, but have a different PayPal email address?
What do you do to make an ebook when an author uploads a PDF?
How do I format the Table of Contents?
It's taking forever to sync with Dropbox!
How can I create an index for my Leanpub book?
What's The Shelf?
Tips for Self-Publishing and Selling Books Using Leanpub
I just published my book to see how Leanpub worked, and people are buying it! I'm concerned, since it's not 100% done yet...
I'm having a problem generating my book. Help!
Can I use Leanpub to generate the EPUB file I need to publish on Apple's iBooks and the iBookstore?
Can I use Leanpub with KDP select?
Do I use the Leanpub editor to make Markua? How do I get into the Markua beta?
How do I write a book in Markua today? What's the current status of Markua?
How do I make a horizontal rule (line) in my book?
Why doesn't Leanpub use something more modern than PayPal? I hate PayPal!
Can I use Leanpub to publish a year's worth of articles? What about other serial content?
I'm from the EU, and I know you pay and remit EU VAT. But how does this work with royalties? Do I need to send you invoices?
I like Leanpub's EPUB files, but want to replace the Leanpub-generated PDF with one of my own.
How do I know how many times my sample book has been downloaded?
How do I know if the book has been bought by someone?
I have written a complete book in Word. What can I do to publish it on Leanpub?
I have a business, and my accountant says that I need to collect and remit VAT on my ebook sales!
A Tip For Authors Using Dropbox and Git
I'm writing a book or course on Leanpub. Do I own the copyright?
Some language characters or symbols are not showing up correctly in my book, what can I do?
Getting rid of Word bookmarks all at once
Are there any licensing rules regarding code samples I include in my book?
Opt In To Leanpub Discount Promotions To Let Leanpub Promote Your Book, Bundle, or Course At A Discount, And Help Increase Your Sales
How can I upload a custom PDF of my book, but still use Leanpub to generate an EPUB version of my book?
Do you provide an embeddable widget so I can easily promote my book on other websites?
How do I replace just my PDF?
I switched to Markua mode, and my Parts aren't working anymore!
How do I make a deep link to a chapter or section in my Read Online version?
What is the optimal size in pixels for my images?
Can I sell a public domain book in the Leanpub store? What if I'm the original author?
Can I Publish a Translation of a Public Domain Work on Leanpub?
Does Leanpub do any advertising for my book? Will Leanpub market my book?
I want to use Leanpub to sell my book, but I have my own LaTeX-based writing and PDF ebook production workflow. What do I do?
Can I create coupons for my books, bundles, or courses, to give them away for free or at a discount, as part of a promotion?
How do I get my book featured on the Leanpub homepage?
I want to use InDesign to make a PDF and sell it on Leanpub. Can I upload a PDF but use Leanpub to generate EPUB files?
How do I turn off the read online version?
I'm from a country that cannot receive payments from either Wise or PayPal. Can I use Leanpub to create a book?
How can I set up "Packages" of digital files to sell with my book? Can I sell videos and other digital content, like audiobook or other audio files, or code samples or data files, for example, along with my Leanpub book?
How can I see what the different fonts look like, so I know which one to choose?
How do I get feedback from readers?
I am an author who wants to publish my book while it's still in progress. How early is it OK to publish the first version of my book?
Are there any issues associated with using Ulysses to write a Leanpub book?
Do I have to pay any fees when you pay my royalties via PayPal?
Why are there so few layout options?
Why don't I get all the reader email addresses? Is it possible to see the details of the readers who purchase one's book?
Long content in backticks (making a code span) can lead to overflowing text in the right margin. Is there a workaround?
Why can't I invite a coauthor to my Leanpub book using their email address?
Does Leanpub issue 1099 forms for US Taxes?
Is there a way for me to download and sort the data of the people who have bought my book?
When I publish a new version of my book do the people who have already bought the book automatically get sent the new version?
How can I add a Google Analytics or Clicky tracking code to my book's landing page?
How do I add a Thank You note for people who buy my book?
How Complete is Leanpub's Markua Support?
How do I change the URL for my book?
I'm Writing My Book in Markua and My Code Resource Titles are Gone
Can I make endnotes in a Leanpub book?
PayPal does not support payments to people in my country or region. Is there some other way Leanpub can pay royalties to me?
I live in Turkey. Can I get paid royalties, even though you only pay royalties through PayPal?
Can I add an index to my book if I am writing in Markua? Is there a way to automate the generation of an index for a Leanpub book?
How do I resize image width?
Why do you let customers get refunds so easily under your "100% Happiness Guarantee" policy?
Setting Up Google Analytics To Track Purchases Of Your Book
How can I add an ISBN to my book?
Do you suspend the accounts of authors if there are chargebacks on purchases of their books, like some other services do?
I've switched to Markua mode and my images and code resources are not working any more! How do resources work?
How do I turn off line numbers on code samples?
Leanpub looks interesting, but why is there a 60-day royalty hold?
Is there a way to connect an external domain to the book landing page?
I would like to translate a Leanpub book. What should I do?
How do I import from a WordPress blog?
I'm trying to upload my own EPUB file and it's failing epubcheck. What can I do?
How do I set my book to save with UTF-8 character encoding on Windows in Notepad?
How do I hide any information about my Leanpub book or course from the public? I don't want my book or course to appear on Leanpub's website yet
Someone got a refund for my book but did not leave an explanation. What can I do?
Can I sell my book on Leanpub and on Amazon, or on other self-publishing platforms, at the same time?
Should I worry about piracy? Does Leanpub do anything to protect me from piracy?
I see strange characters in my book. How do I switch on UTF-8 character encoding?
I know how much I earned in royalties last month, but my payment was for a different amount. What happened?
I'm having a problem inserting the three-em dash (+U2e3b) '⸻'
I'm a Leanpub author and someone has contacted me about a Leanpub issue. What should I do?
Leanpub packages now have their own URLs, so you can share package links!
Is it possible to keep royalty revenue from my book or course sales in the Leanpub platform for a while? How can I save up my unpaid royalties to get Leanpub AI Services or advertising spots?
Could you give us any hint on when the next update to Tex Live 2023 will come?
I'm trying to set up a book in the GitHub writing mode and I'm getting the error message "(Step 6/15 Failed: Sorry, we encountered an error while processing this job)". What can I do?
Leanpub used to allow you to use YAML at the top of a file in Markua 0.10. Why is this no longer supported in Markua 0.30?
Leanpub now has a Partner Program to help authors reach more readers and sell more books!
May I know when I would be paid my royalties? I have selected Wise as the payout method. Can you provide me with any information regarding the deductions by Wise?
How can I use the "newline" character in a Leanpub book manuscript?
Can I format the Verso Page Blurb for my Print-Ready PDF?
In the Custom book Theme, Leanpub has a LOT of optional settings for making the formatting of parts, chapters and sections automatically consistent. Can you explain this in a bit more detail?
I'm a Leanpub author and I'm trying to add a new book but I'm totally lost on your website, please help!
Do I need a disclaimer in my book?
I'm a Leanpub author sharing royalties with a charity or nonprofit organization through the Leanpub for Causes program, and I believe the details of the organization need to be changed. What can I do?
How to Create a List of Figures in a Book
Creating and Distributing Batch Coupons
I'm going to publish my first Leanpub book. Will people who buy the book automatically get access to newer versions when I publish them?

Can I sell companion files as an Extra without selling the book itself? I want to offer an upsell: say $10 for the book, and $10 for the extras.
Why did Leanpub raise the minimum price of a book from $4.99 to $7.99?
Why is the pricing complicated?
How To Price A Self-Published Book
I'm in the UK or EU, and I'm concerned that I won't get very much in royalties after PayPal fees and exchange rates on currency conversion. How does this work?
How and when do you pay royalties?
Can I sell my book on Leanpub and other sites at the same time?
Can I receive royalties by some other means than PayPal?
Can a book have multiple authors who split the royalties?
Can I use Leanpub to create print-ready PDFs for third-party print-on-demand sites like Lulu and Amazon?
Can I change the price of my book after publishing it? For example, can I start cheap, release new chapters over time, and increase the price as my book's getting more valuable?
Leanpub doesn't require that I get an ISBN for my book, but should I get an ISBN anyway? Do I need more than one ISBN, for example do I need separate ISBNs for EPUB and PDF versions of my book?
What happens if a library wants to buy my book?
What if a traditional publisher is interested in publishing my Leanpub book?
If I write a book on Leanpub, will I be free to have my finished book printed and sold separately? I'd get my own ISBN as well as copyright.
What does Leanpub think about other online bookstores and other self-publishing platforms?
I'm making a new course, either by myself or with CourseAI. How should I price the course? Also, how do courses compare to books in sales?

Do I put all the posts I want into one file can call that chapter1.txt? Do I have to create the Book.txt file in the order I want them to appear?
I want to publish in-progress on Substack, and I want to generate Markua locally. What do I do?
Is there a quick reference for Markua 0.30 syntax? The spec is very long!
Can I use Leanpub to produce a LaTeX file from my Markua document?
I found a bug with the Markua 0.30 beta. How do I report it?
Why is the Markua spec currently numbered 0.30.22? I've been tracking it, and you're making more changes inside the 0.30 patch versions than are typically done in patch versions!
My document settings hash did not work. I added {alt-title: all} and it had no effect.
I'm writing in plain text and I'm still a bit confused in terms of how to actually go about the layout, formatting and editing part. Can you help?
Can I use files that have extensions besides .txt, such as .md?
What program should I use to edit Markdown files?
I don't like any of those text editing options. Can you suggest others?
I don't actually want to write Markdown by hand; I want a WYSIWYG editor for Markdown! Does such a tool exist?
I created an account and a book, found it in my Dropbox and I edited the Book.txt file. I then returned to the Leanpub website and generated a preview. However, the preview didn't have the contents of Book.txt that I just updated. What's up?
Can I use AsciiDoc / Asciidoctor instead of Markdown?
How do I switch between different languages, in the same book?
I am using Vim to write my Leanpub book and I'm having issues with code snippet markup. Can you help?
Creating Lists with Bullet Points in a Leanpub Book