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Does Leanpub support using Font Awesome icons for blurbs?
Does Leanpub support using Font Awesome icons for blurbs?

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Yes! Leanpub supports using (most!) Font Awesome icons in books written in Markua.

Specifically, you can use Font Awesome icons to decorate blurbs. (A "blurb" is a section of text that is indented and set apart from the main book content.)

In fact, we actually have our own Font Awesome icon! You can see it here:

You can add these icons to a blurb, like this:

{icon: leanpub}
B> The Leanpub motto is: Publish Early, Publish Often!
B> We encourage authors to publish for the first time when they've completed just two or three chapters of their book. Then, you publish a new version of the book every time you finish a new chapter.
B> The "Lean Publishing" approach is great for motivation, and it also means you're building an audience for your book while you're writing it!
B> You can read more about our philosophy here: [](

Here's what this would look like in the PDF:

We Don't Support Pro Icons, Sorry!

Font Awesome has a "Pro" tier of icons that we currently don't support, sorry about that. Here's an example:

OK, that's it!

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