Over the years we've built a few different ways to write and publish a Leanpub book, to match the styles and preferences of different types of authors and projects.

We've got a quick walkthrough for each of our writing modes. You should be able to complete each one within 5 to 15 minutes. Once you're done, your book will be set up and you'll know all the basics!

(If you're looking for tutorials for writing Leanpub courses, please go here!)

(Also, if you ever run into an issue or have any questions, here is a short article with guidelines for authors to answers and solutions as quickly as possible!)

Getting Started Using Leanpub's Browser Writing Mode

Here's the video:

(We'll be adding videos for the other writing modes soon!)

Getting Started Using Leanpub's Word Writing Mode

Getting Started Using Dropbox Writing Mode

Getting Started Using Leanpub's Git and GitHub Writing Mode

Getting Started Using Leanpub's Upload Writing Mode

More Walkthroughs

Leanpub has lots of features we've developed by working closely with authors over the years! Here are some feature walkthroughs:

Creating a Print-Ready PDF Export from a Leanpub Book Manuscript to Use with Print-On-Demand Services

Getting Started Using Leanpub's InDesign Export Feature

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