Great! You can become a Leanpub author any time by creating a new book here or a new online course here.

Below are some resources that may help you on your journey as a Leanpub author. You might want to bookmark this page in your browser for future reference.

Quick Walkthroughs for Getting Started on a Leanpub Book

After you create a book in any of our writing modes, you will be taken to a Getting Started page where you will be shown the correct walkthrough, but just for convenience, here's an article with all the walkthroughs in one place:

Tips for Self-Publishing and Selling Books Using Leanpub

There are tons of self-publishing platforms and services out there. Here's an article that sets out some of the things you can do with Leanpub to help grow your audience and drive sales, that you can't necessarily do on other platforms:

What are the features in the Standard and Pro author plans?

Leanpub has a "freemium" model, which means you can use our platform to write and self-publish books and courses for free. But it also means that we offer paid plans, with powerful extra features:

The Markua Manual

If you're writing a novel, you won't need to learn anything more than what we show you in the Getting Started walkthrough for the writing mode you select.

But if you want to do some more complicated formatting, or if you're writing a programming book, you'll find important guidance and examples of what to do in our Markua Manual:

How and when do you pay royalties?

Leanpub pays authors an 80% royalty rate on every sale, which is very high in the world of self-publishing platforms. Here is some information about how and when we pay author royalties:

We pay royalties via PayPal. Here is a list of countries that PayPal supports:

How do I get feedback from readers?

One of the  really important features of the Lean Publishing process is that we encourage authors to publish early and often, and to engage with readers throughout the process of writing your book.

Here is some advice for how to engage with your readers:

Leanpub Author Support Guidelines

Leanpub is not perfect, but one of the reasons it is as robust as it is, is that we have interacted closely with thousands of authors over the years, as we have built the platform and extended its reach.

Over the course of the years, we have learned a few lessons about how to help authors get answer to their questions, and get their issues resolved, as quickly and easily as possible. Here are our Author Support Guidelines:

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