Royalties are paid at the beginning of each month via PayPal, usually on the first business day of the month.

To receive payment, you will need to set up a PayPal account, which is free. When you create a Leanpub account, if you don't set a special PayPal email address, we automatically try to send the payment via PayPal to the email address you use for your Leanpub account.

Once you've created a book or course on Leanpub, you can set or change the email address we should send PayPal payments to here:

Because of our 'Happiness Guarantee', which allows readers to claim a refund for 45 days after their purchase, there is also a 45-day 'hold period' applied to the royalties associated with any sale. Once the royalties related to a purchase are past the 45-day 'hold period', then those royalties will be paid out at the beginning of the next month. So, for a purchase made on September 1, the 45-day hold period will expire on October 15, and the royalties for that purchase will be paid on November 1.

The minimum amount for a royalty payment to you can be set here under “Minimum Royalty Payout Amount”. The minimum we allow is $20, but a lot of authors set it to a much higher amount, based on their preference.

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