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Walkthrough: Creating a Print-Ready PDF Export from a Leanpub Book Manuscript to Use with Print-On-Demand Services
Walkthrough: Creating a Print-Ready PDF Export from a Leanpub Book Manuscript to Use with Print-On-Demand Services
How can Leanpub help me get my book into print?
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Leanpub has a feature designed to make it easy to get your ebook into print.

If you've written a book using one of our book writing workflows, you can get what we call a "Print-Ready PDF" at the click of a button. You can then take this PDF to a print book service, like Amazon KDP or Lulu (these are links to tutorials created by authors in the Leanpub community).

Obviously, this feature doesn't let you do the fine-grained formatting you might want for certain print book projects. For projects where really precise formatting is important for the print version of your book, we've built an InDesign export feature.

In this article, we're going to provide you with a short walkthrough showing you how to create a Print-Ready PDF of your Leanpub book.

Please note that you'll need a Standard or Pro plan in order to access this feature.

One last thing before we get going: you can use this feature to create Print-Ready PDFs without any obligation to sell your ebooks in our bookstore :)


Here we are, signed into Len's real author account on Leanpub:

Click on the menu icon at the top right:

Click on "Author" in the menu:

Click on "Books" to go to the Books section, where you will be taken to the "Published Books" dashboard by default:

Select the book you're working on. In this case, we're using the Leanpub Manual as an example. This will take you to the "Overview" page for the book:

Next, click on the "Print-Ready PDF" link:

That will take you to the Print-Ready PDF page:

You will see a lot of options on this page! Once you've got them configured to your liking, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue button that says "Produce a Print-Ready PDF":

After you click that button, our book generators will get to work!

When they're done, you'll see a download link for your Print-Ready PDF at the top of the page:

Click the link to get the PDF. That's it!

What the PDF file looks like will depend on the settings you choose, but here's an example of a page from the Print-Ready PDF version of the Markua manual, opened in Preview on a Mac:

Best of luck with the rest of the process of getting your book into print, whatever service you choose to use! If you run into any issues or have any wisdom to share, please check out our friendly Authors Forum:

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