If you are generating a Leanpub book (or a course) and you get stuck, please try reloading the page in your web browser, or navigating back to the Preview or Publish page (or any other page where you clicked a button to start a process).

Usually when a process it gets stuck, it’s “just” that the progress bar is not properly updating itself.

To double-check that a process has completed on the Preview or Publish page, note the time and date stamp you will see on the page, that shows the last time a process completed successfully.

We are working to improve this, we know it's annoying!

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Are you interested in self-publishing, and creating your first Leanpub book? Here are some quick tutorials for our most popular writing modes: http://help.leanpub.com/en/articles/3088382-quick-walkthroughs-for-getting-started-on-a-leanpub-book

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