Leanpub is a powerful self-publishing platform for writing and publishing books.

You can create a book here: https://leanpub.com/create/book.

When you create a book, we offer you a number of powerful ways to write your book using Leanpub. Options include:

  • Our in-browser "Visual Editor," which is perfect for writing conventionally-formatted novels, like genre fiction
  • Writing in plain text using Dropbox, GitHub, or Bitbucket
  • Writing in Google Docs
  • "Bring Your Own Book," which lets you upload ebook files you create with your own workflow, and then sell your book on Leanpub using our powerful booksellings features, like creating coupons and packages

...and more!

After you create a book, you will see a "Getting Started" page with instructions for getting started. You can switch between different writing modes to try them out.

We also recommend you read the following article, with some helpful advice about successfully writing and selling books on Leanpub:


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