Just write in plain text on your computer, and sync with GitHub or Dropbox.  Or use our in-browser text editor.

The decision of "is your plain text considered Leanpub Flavoured
Markdown or Markua" is just a checkbox you click at

The long version of the Markua spec is here:

The "what's not supported yet in Leanpub list" is here, and it's
pretty complete and accurate:

The (outdated) disclaimer about planned release dates is here:

We let the schedule on Markua slip because of adding support for
courses, which is launching in beta next week.  Markua should be 100%
complete near the end of 2019.

Right now Markua is basically at feature parity with Leanpub Flavoured
Markdown.  Leanpub Flavoured Markdown is fully documented here:


So, if you want an experience where everything you see documented is,
in fact, supported, just use Leanpub Flavoured Markdown and see the
reference at https://leanpub.com/help/manual

The differences between Leanpub Flavoured Markdown (LFM) and Markua
for the basic stuff you do are pretty minimal.  The biggest differences are listed here:


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