Here's a quick guide to creating a course in GitHub writing mode on Leanpub:

1. Create a new repo for your book on GitHub

2. Clone the repo locally

3. Create a new course on Leanpub and select the GitHub writing mode here

4. At this stage, you may need to validate your email address; either way, in the end you will be taken to the "Getting Started" page for your course

5. Add Leanpub as a collaborator on the repo on GitHub

6. Download the default content by clicking here

7. Add the manuscript folder from the default content you downloaded to your course repo and then push

8. Go to the Getting Started your book on Leanpub, click on "Versions", go the Preview page, and create a preview

9. When the preview is complete, click on "View the latest preview of your course"

10. At this point, we suggest you open the mansucript folder for the course, and inspect the files side-by-side with the in-browser preview of your course


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