Leanpub pays an 80% royalty rate on all sales of self-published books, bundles, and courses!

For more information about earning royalties from your Leanpub sales, please see this article.

Any Restrictions?

Some self-publishing platforms place restrictions on authors. For example, they may demand exclusivity, and not allow you to publish your book on their platform, and on another platform, at the same time.

Or, if they do allow you to self-publish your book on multiple platforms at the same time, they may demand that you not sell your book for a lower price on another platform.

Leanpub does not have any restrictions like this!

As far as we are concerned, you can publish your book on as many platforms as you like, and charge whatever you like.

In fact, if you use Leanpub to write a book, you don't even need to publish it on Leanpub! You can take your ebook and print-ready PDF files and self-publish your book anywhere you want.

For answer to more commonly-asked questions, please see our Author FAQ.

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