Sometimes the connection we have with Dropbox needs to be re-established.

 If you are using GitHub, and you are pushing output to your Dropbox account, we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. In the navigation menu at the top of a Leanpub page, go to Author > Books > [Book Title] > Settings > Writing Mode. 

  2. Un-tick “Send output to Dropbox.”

  3. Click the blue “Update Book” button. (If it seems like this process fails, please refresh the page, or go to another page and then come back. Then, you should see that “Send output to Dropbox" has been un-ticked.)

  4. Enter your Dropbox email address and tick “Send output to Dropbox,”.

  5. Click the blue “Update Book” button.

This should re-establish the connection with Dropbox.

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