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Markdown and Markua
Markdown and Markua
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Do I put all the posts I want into one file can call that chapter1.txt? Do I have to create the Book.txt file in the order I want them to appear?
Can I use Leanpub to produce a LaTeX file from my Markua document?
I want to publish in-progress on Substack, and I want to generate Markua locally. What do I do?
I found a bug with the Markua 0.30 beta. How do I report it?
Why is the Markua spec currently numbered 0.30.22? I've been tracking it, and you're making more changes inside the 0.30 patch versions than are typically done in patch versions!
My document settings hash did not work. I added {alt-title: all} and it had no effect.
Is there a quick reference for Markua 0.30 syntax? The spec is very long!
I'm writing in plain text and I'm still a bit confused in terms of how to actually go about the layout, formatting and editing part. Can you help?
Can I use files that have extensions besides .txt, such as .md?
What program should I use to edit Markdown files?
I don't like any of those text editing options. Can you suggest others?
I don't actually want to write Markdown by hand; I want a WYSIWYG editor for Markdown! Does such a tool exist?
I created an account and a book, found it in my Dropbox and I edited the Book.txt file. I then returned to the Leanpub website and generated a preview. However, the preview didn't have the contents of Book.txt that I just updated. What's up?
Can I use AsciiDoc / Asciidoctor instead of Markdown?
How do I switch between different languages, in the same book?
I am using Vim to write my Leanpub book and I'm having issues with code snippet markup. Can you help?