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How to promote your self-published Leanpub ebook by offering a bulk discount to conference organizers
How to promote your self-published Leanpub ebook by offering a bulk discount to conference organizers
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Sometimes, conference organizers contact Leanpub to ask how they can arrange to offer Leanpub books to their attendees at a discount.

If you're lucky enough to be contacted out of the blue by a conference looking for a bulk discount purchase of your book, congratulations! This is an absolutely amazing way to reach people and increase your audience, while also earning some extra royalties from your book. Here's what to do if a conference contacts you about this.

You don't have to wait for a conference organizer to reach out to you! You can contact a conference with an offer yourself.

If you're going to offer a bulk discount sale to a conference, here's what you need to do:

- Find a conference on a topic relevant to your book, and look for their contact details

- Contact them to ask them if they are interested in offering your book to their attendees at a discount. This offer could take a number of forms: for example, they could buy 100 copies at a 50% discount, and offer them to their attendees for free.

- Find out how many copies they want to distribute

- Negotiate a total price for the purchase.

- Find out the conference dates

- Once they confirm to you that they have made the purchase (they will want to type the amount in the "YOU PAY" box on your book's landing page, instead of using the pricing sliders), you need to give them a unique coupon link for the purchase, that they can distribute to their attendees.

You should set the coupon start date a few days before the conference starts, and set the end date at least one month after the conference ends. Also, we recommend you set the maximum uses of the coupon to be about 100 more than the number of conference attendees to whom the coupon will be distributed (trust us, this will help you avoid extra work!).

Finally, you should make the coupon link reflect the name of the conference, e.g. /c/SomeConf2020 (this will make sense when you create the coupon!).

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