Thank you for your interest in giving free or discounted Leanpub books to attendees at your conference!

The best way to give away Leanpub books to attendees at your conference is to contact each book's author and arrange the sale with them directly.

To contact a Leanpub author and arrange a conference purchase of their book, go to the book's landing page on Leanpub and scroll down a bit. At the end of the "About the Book" section, you'll find a button that says "Email the Author(s)". You can use this feature to contact the book's author. Please be sure to include your email address in the form!

Typically, a sale is arranged like this:

  • You email the author asking for a specific number of copies of their ebook to distribute to your conference attendees

  • You ask the author how much they would like to charge you for the purchase.

  • Once a price is agreed, you make a purchase of the book for the agreed price. (You can type any price you like, up to $500, in the "YOU PAY" box you'll see when you go to the book's landing page. If your purchase is for more than $500, you can just make multiple purchases.)

  • After the purchase is complete, notify the author, and they will create a special coupon link for your conference. You can then give this link to your attendees, which they can use to make a free purchase of the book

(To be clear: there's no requirement that any particular Leanpub author follow this process or offer conference discounts or coupons. However, most will absolutely be happy to do so, if you contact them!)

Here is a handy template you can copy and paste for when you email the author with your proposal:

My name is [YOUR NAME]. I would like to distribute copies of your ebook [BOOK TITLE] to attendees at the [CONFERENCE NAME] conference.

In particular, I would like to distribute [NUMBER OF COPIES] copies of your ebook to our attendees. Can you please let me know how much you would charge for this purchase?

Here are some details about the conference:


Here is a link to a Leanpub Help Center article for authors, when they are approached by a conference with a request like this:

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