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Great! Conference purchases like this are a great way to reach more readers, and make potentially lucrative sales of your Leanpub book.

First, if they have not already found it, you should point the person who has contacted you to this article from our Help Center:


To be clear: there's no requirement you follow this process or offer conference discounts or coupons. However, we think this process makes sense for most Leanpub authors. (We used to have a Conference Purchase Program where we essentially did this process, but we found that us being involved just increased the amount of communication overhead required, and we were not adding much value over the self-serve version of this process. So we stopped it!)

Anyway, if you're going to sell bulk coupons for a conference, here's what you need to do:

  • Find out how many copies they want to distribute
  • Find out the conference dates
  • Negotiate a price for the purchase. For example, if they want to distribute 300 copies of your book at $1.25, you should quote them a price of $375. This is the amount they should enter in the "YOU PAY" box when they are purchasing your book on Leanpub. (Please note that it is typical to offer a steep discount, on a per-copy basis, for bulk purchases like this.)

You should set the coupon start date a few days before the conference starts, and set the end date at least one month after the conference ends. Also, we recommend you set the maximum uses of the coupon to be about 100 more than the number of conference attendees to whom the coupon will be distributed (trust us, this will help you avoid extra work!).

Also, you should make the coupon link reflect the name of the conference, e.g. /c/SomeConf2020. 

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