Leanpub offers discounts on books, bundles, courses and course Tracks which have opted in to discount promotions.

This is a really popular feature with Leanpub authors and readers!

You can find instructions for how to opt in here.

After you opt into our discount promotions, your book will be eligible to be included in our weekly and monthly newsletter sales.

When you opt in to Leanpub discount promotions, you can set a maximum percentage discount that we can offer. (Please note we may offer a smaller discount than the maximum percentage discount.)

The maximum percentage discount is applied to your product's minimum price. For example, if your book has a minimum price of $20.00 and you set the maximum percentage discount to 50%, then we can offer your book for a discounted price as low as $10.00.

Opting in is not a guarantee that your book will be included in a sale, but it does put your book in the list of books that can be selected for the sales every week and every month!

If the maximum percentage discount is set to zero, that means your book is not eligible to be included in our discount promotions.

Please note that Leanpub has a non-free minimum price of $7.99. This means that no product can be sold for less than $7.99 (unless the minimum price is set to $0.00 or Free), including in discount promotions. So, for example, if you have a book with a minimum price of $10.00, and you set the maximum percentage discount to 50%, then the lowest discounted price Leanpub will offer will actually be $7.99, not $5.00.

If the maximum percentage discount results in a price which is below $7.99, there's a higher chance your book will not be included in our discount promotions. (We still may use it if we just include your book with a lower percentage discount, of course. However, the highest probability of having your book selected occurs when you have a percentage which is high, and also results in a discount price which is still above $7.99 when it is multiplied by your minimum price.)

Currently, we manage these sales is by manually creating coupons on the products that we choose to discount in a particular sale. These coupons are not for percentage discounts; instead, they are for a specific new, lower price. So, we'll pick a lower price which represents a percentage discount lesser than or equal to the percentage discount you specify here. These coupons will have unlimited usage, but they will have defined start and end dates.

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