As long as you own the work and it meets the standards in our terms of service, we publish it: we're a self-publishing platform :)

Actually, we don't publish anything, you do. Specifically, you write in Markdown and when you want to publish, just click a Publish button to publish your book -- we don't do any pre-emptive review process currently.  (Instead, books which violate our terms of service are taken down after they are published, instead of us blocking publishing for everyone.)  You can also click a Preview button to preview your book, of course.  You can preview and publish as often as you wish with a Standard or Pro plan (or $99 flat fee), or 20 times a month with our Free plan.

Finally, if you do publish your book with us, let us know -- we'll look at it, and if we like it, feature it on our homepage for a few days as the Featured book.  Hopefully this type of book would appeal to our audience...

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