We're sorry you're experiencing an error when you are trying to restore your book or course from cold storage.

Here are some steps you can follow, to get everything set up properly again:

1. Go to the Manuscript Version page for your book or course here: 


2. Click the link to "create archive" for the latest version
3. Download and unzip the .zip file that will be created
4. Switch to a different writing mode here:


5. When that process completes, on the same page, switch back to Dropbox writing mode (or stay in the new writing mode you have chosen)
6, Add the manuscript folder you downloaded in step 3 to your book
7. Do a new preview to see if it all works

Please note that if you were writing your book in Leanpub-Flavored Markdown, after you complete this process, you should check here to make sure your book is still in Leanpub-Flavored Markdown:


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