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This is exactly the type of thing that we want authors to not worry about or spend any time on. So, we're opinionated here.

I know exactly how you feel -- I've written technical books too, and if there was a workaround, I would have used it too, and I would have noticed, just as you have. However, it provides essentially no value to your readers, and it is a slippery slope: from this, it leads to mucking around with image positioning, widows and orphans, margins, fonts, etc, etc, and it's a great way to procrastinate instead of writing :)

Now, that said, there are some very big hammer workarounds:

  1. Change the page size here (the most options are in the Custom style):
  2. When you are 100% done the book, export InDesign and have a designer make a beautiful book:

Neither of these are things I'd recommend while a book is in-progress, of course :)

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