Here is a list of things we recommend you do before publishing a Leanpub for the first time.

Each page where you can adjust the settings for your book is shown below with the "breadcrumb" path you will see at the top of the page.

To get to the start of the process (or start over), click on your avatar at the top right of any Leanpub page and click "Author" in the menu that you'll see.

  • Fill out your profile information:
  • Upload a cover image: Author > Books > [Your Book] > Settings > Upload Book Cover
  • Add information about your book, including "Teaser" text and a meta description: Author > Books > [Your Book] > Book Web Page > About the Book
  • Add a subtitle: Author > Books > [Your Book] > Book Info > Book Details
  • Enable the online Forum for your book: Author > Books > [Your Book] > Community > Forum
  • Set your minimum and suggested prices, and opt in to Leanpub discount sales (discount sales help sell books!): Author > Books > [Your Book] > Store > Pricing
  • Hit the Publish button! Author > Books > [Your Book] > Preview or Publish > Publish
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