Sometimes a book project grows to the point where an author would like to split the book into multiple books or volumes.

So, for example, if you're writing a book called "How to Coach Football", and you've written 300 pages and decide that you're only one-third of the way to being done, you may want to modify your project into comprising three books: "How to Coach Football: Volume One", "How to Coach Football: Volume Two", and "How to Coach Football: Volume Three"

In this case, you'll want a way to share the new books for free with everyone who has already bought the first book, "How to Coach Football", since their understanding was that they would get all the content associated with the project.

When you want to split your book project into multiple books, here is the recommended process:

First, create all the new books you need for the series and publish them. Make sure each book has some unique content and that you mark the "percent complete" for each new book accurately when you publish them.

Second, create a free coupon link for each new book.

Third, when everything's ready, rename the original book to e.g. "How to Coach Football: Volume One", so you keep the same URL.

Fourth, publish a new version of the original book and add "release notes" explaining the situation, making sure to include the free coupons. (Please only do this once! This feature is not meant for new product announcements etc. except on rare occasions.)

At this stage, you may also want to reach out on social media about what you have done, asking current readers who have not opted in to new release notifications for the original book to contact you somehow, so you can give them the free coupons.

For other ways to reach current readers, please see this article.

Finally, you may at some point want to offer all the books in the series as a bundle; here are instructions for creating a bundle of Leanpub books.

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