In this tutorial we're going to show you how to make a bundle of published Leanpub books, for sale in our bookstore. Selling books in bundles is a great way to offer readers an overall discount, and to team up with other authors who have written books on similar topics (yes, you can create bundles with books by other authors!).

It's a long tutorial because there are a lot of screenshots, but the process is actually pretty simple! After you've done it once, you'll see you can create a bundle in just a couple of minutes.

Please note: This tutorial assumes you have already published a Leanpub book or books. If you're just getting started on your first Leanpub book, please go here:

To begin, make sure you are signed in to your Leanpub account, and go to the Leanpub homepage:

Next, click on "Store" at the top left to show the menu:

Click on "Author" to enter the Author menu:

Click on "Metrics" to reveal the menu:

Select "Bundles":

Click on "Create Bundle":

Enter a name for your bundle:

Next, enter a URL for your bundle. One will be suggested for you automatically, but you can type in your own.

You can type in a different price than the suggested price of $4.99. In this example, we have set the price to $9.99, but you can go as high as $500.00:

Next, we recommend you enter a "Maximum Leanpub Discount %" number. This will give Leanpub permission to include your bundle in various promotions, such as our weekly sale newsletter. You don't have to do this, though!

Next, enter some helpful information about your bundle, which will appear on the bundle's landing page in the Leanpub bookstore (you can change this any time):

Next, scroll down and click the blue "Create Bundle" button:

This will take you to the "Edit Bundle" page:

OK, now you're ready to add books to your bundle. In this case, we are creating a bundle of a user's own books; we'll show you how you can invite other authors to add their books to your bundle at the end of this tutorial.

Scroll down to see the part of the page where you can add a book to the bundle:

You will be adding books one at a time. To add a book, you need to do two things: get the book's URL "slug" on Leanpub (the part after and assign a royalty percentage to the book. The royalty percentage is the percentage of royalties from each sale that will be assigned to the book.

If you've already published more than one book, you're probably familiar with your book's URL slug and how to find it. But in the following steps, we'll show you how to get the slug by going to your book's Leanpub landing page, just using the Leanpub menu.

First, open up a new tab in your internet browser, and go to the Leanpub homepage:

Click on "Store" at the top left to open the menu:

In the menu, select "Author" to go here:

Click on "Metrics" to open the menu:

Select "Books" to see a list of your books:

Click on the book you want to add to your bundle, to open the book's menu:

Next, click on "Book Info":

Click on "Overview":

Now, click on your book cover at the top left. That will take you to your book's landing page:

Select the slug at the top, and copy it by pressing Command + C or Control + C on your keyboard:

Go back into the "Edit Bundle" tab, and paste the slug into the "Book URL" box. You can paste the slug by pressing Command + V or Control + V on your keyboard:

Next, make sure to assign the correct "Royalty %" to the book. In this case, all the books belong to the same author, so it doesn't really matter, as just one author will be getting 100% of the royalties from sales of the bundle. But if you are adding a book that belongs to another author, you are going to want to be careful selecting the appropriate royalty percentage.

Here, we're making a bundle of five books, so we'll assign a royalty percentage of 20% to each bundle (the total has to add up to 100%, of course).

Next, click "Add Book to Bundle". You will now see the book at the bottom of the page:

Now let's add some more books. Don't worry, we won't make you scroll through the whole process of finding the new URLs to add!

Here's what the bundle looks like after you've added a second book:

Here's what it looks like with all five books. Now, it's time to click the blue "Propose Bundle" button at the bottom of the page:

You'll see a popup asking you to confirm your bundle proposal:

Click "OK" and you'll see a message at the top confirming that your bundle has been proposed.

If you are only adding your own books to your bundle, at this point, you're done! The bundle will appear in our bookstore and on your profile.

If you have invited other authors to add their books, to your bundle, they will receive an email with a request to join the bundle, with the option to accept or decline.

They will can also accept the invitation in their Leanpub account. Here is a link you can provide them with, if they ask:

Once all invited authors have accepted their bundle invitations, the bundle will be published.

As we mentioned above, published bundles appear both in the bookstore and on your profile page. Here are some final screenshots showing you how to get to your profile page in the Leanpub menu, and showing you what the bundle from this tutorial looks like on your profile page, and on its own landing page.

To start, go back to the Leanpub homepage:

This time, click on your avatar at the top right:

Click on "Edit Profile" to go to your profile page:

There's a link to your profile at the top, highlighted in the screenshot below:

Click that link to go to your profile page:

Scroll down to see the "Bundles" section:

Click on the bundle to go to its landing page on Leanpub:

[Yes, this bundle image is ugly, but that's because my book covers are super minimal. Most bundle images look quite nice! - Len]

Please note you can edit your bundle anytime by going here in the Leanpub menu:

Author > Bundles > [Your Bundle Name]

You can also manage your bundles here:

OK, that's it for this tutorial, thank you for your time and attention! If you've noticed any issues please email us at

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