To see if your country is supported for royalty payments from Leanpub, please see this article: Supported Countries for Leanpub Royalty Payments.

Using Leanpub to Create Books You Publish and Sell on Other Platforms

Even if you cannot receive royalty payments from Leanpub, you can still use Leanpub to create books!

Anyone can use Leanpub to create books, and then sell the books they create on other self-publishing platforms.

We do not have any restrictions on where you can sell the books you create on Leanpub, and we have no requirement that you have to sell your books in the Leanpub bookstore.

(Also, please note that even if you cannot receive royalty payments from sales of your books if you publish them on Leanpub's bookstore, you can still choose to share all of your Leanpub royalties with one of our causes. For more information, please see this article.)

Interested in creating your first Leanpub book? Here are some quick tutorials for our most popular writing modes:

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