We're here to support authors and we encourage you to buy their books wherever you find them!

In fact, if a self-published author uses one of Leanpub's amazing writing modes to write their books, they are under no obligation to publish and sell those books on Leanpub!

With all that said, here are three reasons to buy an author's book on Leanpub, instead of on Amazon or some other online bookstore:

1. Leanpub offers content creators a higher royalty rate than Apple or Amazon do. Specifically, our royalty rate is 80% for every Leanpub sale. This is way more than they would get with a traditional publisher, and probably more than they're getting from sales on any other online bookstores. We show you how much money the author earns right on the purchase page; how many other platforms do that?

2. If the book is being published in-progress, you can give the author feedback before the book is done.

3. With in-progress publishing, you can get early access to the author's latest writing, without having to wait for the full conventional publishing cycle to end. Since you'll receive free updates until the book is completed, you'll always be up to date.

OK, that's it!

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