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Reader Help

These are frequently asked questions by readers. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please email us at

How can I get a PDF version of a Leanpub ebook on my Kindle?
Sign Up for Email Notifications When an Item in Your Wish List Goes on Sale (pending feature)
A book or course I bought on Leanpub has been updated. How can I find out what has been updated?
Do I need a Reader Membership to make purchases?
Can I use a third-party service to create a Print-on-Demand version of a Leanpub book that I've purchased?
I'm purchasing on behalf of a European company. How can I remove VAT from the charge?
Why is Leanpub discontinuing its MOBI support? Can I send EPUB to Kindle instead?
Leanpub stopped supporting MOBI files, because Amazon is stopping Send to Kindle support for MOBI. How can I get a Leanpub book on my Kindle?
My EPUB or PDF ebook file is too big for email or Send to Kindle. What can I do to get the ebook on my Kindle?
I paid with PayPal but I can't access my purchase and I didn't get a purchase receipt email. What happened here, and what can I do?
I represent a tax exempt American / US organization. Can I submit my tax exemption form / tax exempt certificate to Leanpub, before I make a purchase?
Will a Reader Membership allow me access to all the books available on Leanpub?
I've signed up for the Weekly Sale Newsletter and the Monthly Sale Newsletter, but I'm not seeing books and courses on the topics I'm interested in. What can I do?
On my Kindle, I can adjust the font size and make other formatting changes on some Leanpub books I've bought, but not on other Leanpub books I've bought. Why?
I'm not seeing a course I bought in my Leanpub library. What can I do?
Can I add a Leanpub PDF ebook to my Kindle?
I purchased a Reader Membership. How do I get access to the participating books for free?
What payment methods are accepted by Leanpub? Can I use PaySafeCard for example?
How do I search Leanpub for books, bundles, courses and course tracks?
I want to make a purchase with a Mastercard gift card. Can I pay with a gift card?
I can see there is an "Archived" section in my Leanpub library. What does this mean?
Why does Leanpub have pages for books that are "retired" and no longer for sale?
I'm trying to upload a Leanpub book to Google Play and it's not working. What can I do?
What happens when I send someone a gift?
How can I get notified if a Leanpub ebook, ebook bundle, or online course goes on sale?
I bought an ebook on Leanpub, and the author has now published a print version on another platform. Can I get a discount for the print version?
How can I access and read the "Web" version of a Leanpub book I've purchased?
Can I buy a Leanpub book, bundle, or course from Leanpub, if I'm in Pakistan?
Leanpub Reader Memberships
Do you accept purchases from India?
A book I'd like to buy is incomplete, and hasn't been updated in a long time. What do you do about abandoned book projects?
I accidentally archived a book. How can I get it back?
If I bought a book, do I have to pay for the second edition?
Why do I have to click a "magic link" in my receipt email to confirm my purchase, and sign in to Leanpub? What can I do if the link has expired or is no longer valid?
I'm unable to make purchases on Leanpub. Why is this happening, and what can I do?
Why doesn't "Go to page" take me to the correct page in Preview, in the PDF? What can I do to go to the right page?
How can I share my wish list for others to buy me a book?
Why are the download links so far down on the post-purchase page on Leanpub?
I've got a coupon code but can't find where I can enter the code to redeem the coupon. Help!
I set up a profile page on Leanpub and it's gone now! All I see is a message that says "Something is missing". What can I do?
I accidentally paid too much and I want a partial refund. Can you help?
How do I buy a Leanpub book? How can I download a book after I buy it?
There is an author with books would like to buy in a bundle. What can I do?
Where can I download a book or access a course I've purchased? Where is my Leanpub library?
How can I find out more information about Leanpub authors?
I bought a book but I didn't get any download links. What can I do?
I got a refund for a Leanpub book or course that I purchased, but I didn't request a refund. Also, the book or course is no longer available in my Leanpub library. Why did this happen?
I'm trying to send myself a custom receipt by email and I'm not getting the receipt emails. I've checked my junk or spam folder and it's not there. What can I do?
Leanpub's prices are all in US dollars, but my local currency is not US dollars. Can I still buy something on Leanpub?
What happens when I purchase a Leanpub ebook? How do I get access to download the ebook?
I want to buy copies of a Leanpub ebook for students or faculty at a university or college. Do you have a special arrangement for university purchases?
I did not receive the verification code by email. What can I do to complete my purchase?
I want to use your Send to Kindle feature but I can't get a email address. What can I do?
I'm having trouble getting a book onto Kindle. What can I do?
Where Can I Find a List of All My Purchases?
How to Add Leanpub as an Approved Sender for Kindle
What to Do if You Get a "Verify your Kindle document" Message, and Updating Leanpub if You Edit Your Kindle Email on Amazon
I'm having trouble opening a .zip file in Windows 10. What can I do?
I accidentally archived a course. How can I get it back?
What happens when someone buys a gift for me? How can I accept my gift and access the ebook, course, or bundle?
The Mac Kindle app crashes when I try to load a Leanpub ebook. What can I do?
I would like to buy a book, but it is not complete. Will I get updates for free? Will the book be completed?
What are the general terms and conditions for purchasing ebooks, bundles, and courses from Leanpub?
I want to share my email address with a Leanpub author so they can add me to their mailing list or newsletter and otherwise contact me. How can I do that?
Links with # anchors aren't working in the PDF
Some Leanpub books have a free sample available to download. But some don't have a free sample. Why is this happening?
I'm interested in buying a Leanpub book, but it's incomplete and hasn't been updated in a while. How can I find out if the author intends to finish the book?
I bought a course but I can't find it in my Leanpub library. What should I do?
Can I print my Leanpub ebook for personal use? Can I print ebooks I buy on Leanpub for personal use?
What are the shipping costs for a Leanpub book? (Quick answer: we only sell ebooks, so there are no shipping costs! We do not sell print books.)
Some Leanpub books have a table of contents, and others don't. Why is that?
I want to write a review of a Leanpub book. How can I do that?
I'm using the Kindle app in iOS to read Leanpub books, and it keeps losing my place in the book, whenever I close the app and then re-open it. What can I do?
I found a coupon link but it has expired. What can I do?
Leanpub books can be updated with new content any time. What can I do to get notified when a Leanpub author publishes a new version of their book or course?
How can I read a Leanpub book on Apple's Books app?
How can I share my email address with the authors of Leanpub books I've purchased, so they can contact me directly, for example to ask me to join their mailing list or newsletter?
I'm seeing two copies of the same book or course in my library. How did this happen, and what can I do?
I am having a problem reading a Leanpub book in my PocketBook reader. Is there anything I can do?
I bought an ebook from Leanpub and it doesn't open in my Kobo reader. What can I do?
I'm signed in with one web browser, but when I try to use another web browser, I'm asked to sign in to Leanpub. What can I do?
The Leanpub FAQ
How can I contact a Leanpub author?
I didn't get download links for my purchase. What can I do?
I bought a book from Leanpub and it is missing some content. Can you help me?
When I bought a Leanpub book, the author made a special offer to get additional content, but I can't find access to it. What can I do?
I've got a question for a Leanpub author. How can I contact them?
I'm trying to use your Send to Kindle feature, but it is not working! What can I do?
Why doesn't Leanpub erase users' Personal Data when they receive a request to do so from a third-party service?
The VAT rate for ebooks in my country changed recently, but Leanpub is still charging the old rate. Why is that?
How do I buy multiple copies of a course?
Can I buy multiple copies of a course with a coupon?
If an author deletes their Leanpub account, will their books and courses be removed from my Leanpub library?
I bought a book or a course from Leanpub, but the book or course was removed from my Leanpub library, and my purchase was refunded. What happened?!?
I've been reading a Leanpub book on Kindle and saved lots of highlights and notes. Can I update the book on Kindle, or do I have to replace it and lose my highlights and notes?
Is there DRM on Leanpub ebooks?
I bought a book and I would like to upgrade my purchase to buy the whole bundle the book is in. Can I do that?
I don't see the Send to Kindle button for a book in my library. What can I do?
I am trying to purchase a book and I am getting transaction failed or internal error. What can I do?
I was charged VAT, but I actually have a VAT number. Can you refund my VAT charge?
Where I can download source code for books?
How can I read a Leanpub ebook? What apps or devices or e-readers do you recommend or support?
I bought a book on Leanpub. How do I get the latest version of the book?
I'm not getting emails about updates to a book I've bought. What can I do?
What formats do Leanpub ebooks come in?
I would like more information about reading a book before buying it. What can I do?
Can I get a student discount?
Can libraries buy Leanpub ebooks? What is your policy for library purchases?
The book I want to buy is available in a number of formats. I did not find the option to select the desired format. Is it hidden somewhere? Does it come after checkout? Or do I pay once for all formats?
Where can I see a record in my account of gift purchases I have made?
Where can I see a list of gifts I've purchased for other people?
I can't access personal documents on Kindle
I cannot find the place again where I can enter my VAT. What's the quickest way to find this?
Your purchase form is rejecting my VAT number. What can I do?
I'm in a country where PayPal doesn't operate. How can I get a Leanpub book?
I bought multiple copies of a book and I want to send tokens by email to people to get the book. What do I do?
When a new version is published do I get 2 copies in iBooks? And with fiction, do I just get the new instalments or the full book?
I can't add a book to the shopping cart on my phone! What can I do?
Can professors and teachers get a review copy or desk copy of a Leanpub book?
I clicked a download link in an email from Leanpub on my device and it won't open. What can I do?
I sent a Leanpub book to my Kindle and the cover is not showing up. What can I do?
I'm trying to make a purchase and I am seeing the message "Transaction refused due to risk model." What can I do?
Can I pre-order a book?
I bought a book or a course but saw an error. Now there is a charge on my account, but I never got the book or course. What is going on? What can I do?
Converting .doc files to .docx format
What does it mean that a book is only "X% complete"?
I'm wondering how to report spelling/conversion errors. I bought a few books, and I see some that have weird characters, and other have some typos
I'm done with a Leanpub book. Can I share it?
When I have sold an incomplete work and I publish upgrades, can I give the upgrades for free to those who have already paid?
The verification code did not work - what should I do?
My verification code has expired. What should I do?
I just bought a book package with Extras to download. Where do I download the Extras?
How long does it take to ship a Leanpub book? (Quick answer: we only sell ebooks, so there is no shipping time! We do not sell print books.)
Is it possible to change my Leanpub username?
I can't open a PDF. I see “Failed - Insufficient permissions”
My purchase was blocked. Why is this happening and what can I do?
I'm trying to buy a book and I see "This transaction cannot be processed."
If I buy a book which is in-progress, how does it work? Am I kept current? What about refunds?
Your site fails on American Express 4 digit CVV codes.
Why do I need to sign in with my email address? I just want to buy a book!
Why can't I buy Leanpub books on third party stores like Amazon, the iBookstore or Google Play?
I'm having a problem using a credit card from Russian Federation. Help!
Why am I seeing a CAPTCHA on checkout? I'm not a robot!
Where do I paste a coupon code?
Why does Leanpub allow duplicate purchases of a book?
I got a vague error when trying to make a purchase that says "Please try again later". What should I do?
Do you have your own app for reading Leanpub books?
Do you have an Android app for reading Leanpub books?
I wanted to buy a book on your website as a business. At checkout, I entered my VAT number, but I received an error saying "Please enter a valid VAT number" and unfortunately I cannot proceed with the purchase. But my VAT number is valid! What can I do?
The files I'm downloading are too big for my internet connection. What can I do?
Business Information About Leanpub
PayPal does not support my country or region. Is there another way for me to buy a Leanpub book?
I believe I have discovered unauthorized use of a photo in a Leanpub book or course. What should I do?
How do I close my Leanpub account?
How do I pay with American Express or Discover card?
How can I remove "This is a Leanpub book" and the Leanpub logo from my book so I can upload it for sale on other websites?
I tried to buy a book and was taken to a screen that said you would send me a "verification code" by email. Why is this happening, and what should I do next?
If I want to pay more for a book after I have already bought it, what should I do?
How do I cite a Leanpub book, for example, if I am quoting from it in a scholarly article or an essay?
I am going to need to add company information to my purchase receipt / invoice. How can I do that?
I have two Leanpub accounts, but I only want one. What should I do?
How do I reset or change my password?
After I buy a Leanpub book, how can I get it onto my device?
I was trying to buy a book and then the price changed. Why did this happen?
PayPal is turning down my attempt to make a purchase. What is going on, and what can I do?
Why are all Leanpub books sold in US dollars?
How can I buy multiple copies of an ebook on Leanpub, and then distribute them to people via email?
How do I buy a Leanpub book? How do I download or access the book after the purchase is complete?
How do I get a refund?
If I can't find an answer to my question in this Help Center, what should I do?
What is Leanpub? I'm asking as a reader.
Since Leanpub books can be updated any time, I will need a place to go where I can always access the latest version of each book I buy. Do you provide me with a personal library for all my books?
How do I download the latest version of a Leanpub book?
Does Leanpub sell print books?
What if a book looks interesting but I want to take a peek inside before I buy it?
I have two Leanpub accounts, and I would like to merge them into one account. How can I do this?
Why do I see a "Suggested Price" and a "Minimum Price" when I buy a Leanpub book? What is "variable pricing"?
Some Leanpub books show how much money is going to a good cause. How does this work?
Why do book prices have VAT added? Also, why does the price change sometimes? And why do you charge VAT, if you're not in the EU or the UK?
How do I get Leanpub books on my Kindle, or into the Kindle app on my phone or tablet?
How do I give feedback to authors? I'd like to contact a Leanpub author with some feedback. How can I do that?
If I buy an in-progress ebook, will I get free updates?
What if I want to return a book? Can I get a refund?
How can I get an invoice or receipt for my purchase? Can I add custom information to the receipt, like my company's name and address?
I want to purchase a Leanpub book, ebook bundle, or online course as a gift for someone else. How can I do this?
I would like to purchase an ebook for my team, company, or organization. Am I allowed to distribute the ebook to multiple people?
What is "Lean Publishing?"
Why should I buy an in-progress Leanpub ebook?
How can I be notified when a book is first published?
Can I pre-order a copy of a book that hasn't been published yet?
Why should I buy an ebook on Leanpub when I can buy it elsewhere, like at the Amazon or Apple online bookstores?
I'm still not sure about something! Can you help?
Do you show when a book was first published?
I'm not seeing the cover image for a book on my Kindle / in the Kindle app. What can I do?
I bought a book an author is publishing as a work in progress. When can I expect to get an updated version of the book?
What is a "Community Edition" of a Leanpub book?
I don't see any download links when I select a book in my Leanpub library. What can I do to download the book?
I'm searching for a course on the Go programming language and I can't find one! What can I do? Do you plan to offer Go courses in the future?
I love getting updates to books I've bought on Leanpub, but is there a way to compare versions, so I can see what has changed specifically?
When I add a new version of a Leanpub book to Kindle, it shows up as a duplicate. What can I do to fix this?
What is the Community Edition of a Leanpub ebook? Is it a full copy of the book, or only part of the book?
How to Find Great Deals on Leanpub Ebooks!
If I buy an ebook from Leanpub, can I keep it on two different computers, or other devices?
I just bought a membership. Why can't I use it to get a book for free?
With a Lifetime Reader Membership, you get $99 off Lifetime Author Memberships!
How can I learn about discounts on Leanpub ebooks, ebook bundles, and online courses?
Does Leanpub provide an ebook + print book bundle option?