Yes! The best thing to do if you want to distribute copies of a book to more than one person is to do a multiple-copy purchase. Here are the instructions:

Leanpub books are often published in-progress, and all Leanpub books can be updated any time, so it is best to make a multiple-copy purchase, and distribute the purchase tokens to each individual who is going to be reading the book. That way, they can access the latest version themselves on Leanpub, and you don't need to distribute copies of the book again, when it is updated.

Please note that we do permit customers to just make one purchase of the book, and distribute copies of the book to employees or team members. When you do this, you should set the pricing slider to a multiple of the book's price, based on how many copies you want to distribute (Leanpub customers use our "pricing sliders" to choose what to pay). For example, if a book has a suggested price of $10.00, and you think that no more than ten people at your company are likely to be reading the book at any given time, then we suggest you pay $100.00 for the book. When you're making the purchase, you can use our pricing sliders to pay the price you think is appropriate. (You can also type the price manually into the box that shows the price on the slider!)

Please note that we have a feature for company purchases, that lets you add your company information to your purchase record, and send yourself a custom receipt, with your company information:

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