To buy multiple copies, here are the instructions:

1. After you click the blue "Add Ebook to Cart" button, the book will be put into your shopping cart. Then, you will be taken automatically to your shopping cart.

2. Click the blue "Edit" button next to the book. Then, you will see a box called "Quantity". Please enter the number of copies you would like to buy there. Then, click the blue "Update" button.

3. Proceed with your purchase.

4. After the purchase is complete, you have two choices. First, you can download the ebook and distribute copies to each of your participants by sending the ebook copies as email attachments. Or, second, you can follow the link you will see that says "Click here to manage your download tokens." There, you will see a form that lets you use each participant's email address to send them an individualized code.

Note that if you're organizing a conference, we have a better option for you!

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