After you make a purchase on Leanpub, you can change the purchase record to include your company information, and send yourself a new purchase receipt via email, that includes your company information. Here are the instructions:

To get a receipt with your organization's information, please follow these steps:

1. If you are not already logged in, please log in to your Leanpub account here:

If you can't log in to the account because you do not have the password, you can sign in by sending yourself a magic sign in link, or sending yourself a password reset link.

2. Go to your Leanpub library here:

3. Click on a book to select it:


4. Click on "Request Receipt":

5. Add the information for your organization in the field named "Custom Receipt Information (Optional)":

6. If you want to save this information to be included on all your receipts/invoices, tick the box next to "Save custom receipt information to appear on future receipts":

7. Click the blue button "Send your receipt":

Attached to the new email you receive, you will find a PDF receipt, with your added information:

If you're new to Leanpub, here's some information about how it works: we automatically create an account for you when you purchase a book, and we create a library for you at This is done so that you can always access the download links for latest version of your books, all from one place.

OK, that's it!

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