After every Leanpub purchase, we automatically send you an en email with a receipt.

You can see what a Leanpub PDF invoice looks like here.

You will find links to your purchase in the email, and you will find a separate PDF receipt attached to the email.

You can then add your own information to the purchase details, and send yourself a new receipt for that purchase, with the new information. The new receipt will include the information you have added to the purchase details, for example, your company name and address, and a VAT number if you have one.

(For customers in the UK and the EU: please note that if you provide an EU VAT number when you make a purchase, then your EU VAT number will already have been added to the receipt automatically.)

You can also save your information, so these details will be automatically included in all future receipts for your Leanpub purchases.

How to Add Your Company Information to A Purchase and Get a New Receipt

if you need to sign in to Leanpub, you can do that here:

Next, go to your Leanpub "Purchases" page here:

Next to the purchase, click "Request a Custom Receipt":

Then, you can add custom information, like you company name and address, in the "Custom Receipt Information (Optional)" box:

If you want to save this information to be included on all your receipts/invoices, tick the box next to "Save custom receipt information to appear on future receipts":

Finally, click "Send Your Receipt":

Attached to the new email you receive, you will find a PDF receipt, with your added information:

Please note that

And if you are not receiving these emails from Leanpub, you may want to add to your Contacts list.

If you're new to Leanpub, here's some information about how it works: we automatically create an account for you when you purchase a book, and we create a library for you at This is done so that you can always access the download links for latest version of your books, all from one place.

OK, that's it!

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