We automatically send receipts by email with every purchase. (We send an HTML receipt and a PDF invoice.)

After you make a purchase, you will be taken to a page where you will see an option to add custom information, for example, a company name and address. Then, you can send yourself a new receipt, that will include your custom information.

Please note that if you provide an EU VAT number when you make a purchase, then your EU VAT number will be added to the invoice.

You can also click a button in our receipt email to go to a section of your Leanpub account where you can add custom information to the receipt for your purchase, which can include your firm's name and address.

When you are adding the custom information, you can also tick a box so the information will be automatically included in all future receipts.

To request a new receipt for any Leanpub purchase you've made, go to your 'Purchases' page at https://leanpub.com/user_dashboard/purchases.

Next to the purchase, click "Request a Custom Receipt".

Then, you can add custom information, like you company name and address, to the "Custom Receipt Information (Optional) boz.

If you want to save this information to be included on all your receipts/invoices, tick the box next to "Save custom receipt information to appear on future receipts".

Finally, click "Send Your Receipt".

If you need to sign in to Leanpub, you can do that here:


If you need to set a new password to sign in to Leanpub, you can do that here:


If you are not receiving emails from Leanpub, you may want to add no-reply@leanpub.com to your Contacts list.

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