Sometimes when people pay for their first purchase using PayPal, or if they're not signed in to their Leanpub account when they make a purchase that way, their PayPal email address is entered to complete the purchase. That may be what happened here.

If that is what happened here, a new Leanpub account will have been created with your PayPal email address, and the purchase email would have been sent to that email address.

Here's some information about how Leanpub works: we automatically create an account for you when you make your first purchase. This is done so that you can always access the latest version of your purchases. (Leanpub books and courses are often published in-progress by their authors, and can be updated at any time.)

You may be able to access this new Leanpub account if you're still in the same browser you used to make the purchase.

To see if you're still signed in, go to your Leanpub library here:

If you need to sign in to the account, you can do that by sending yourself a password reset email:

Once you sign in, you'll be able to go to your library to download all of your purchases, and you can change your Leanpub account email address here:

Finally, you can send yourself a new receipt email, to the changed email address, on your All Purchases page here:

Our apologies for the confusion here!

If you have any feedback or questions about this article, please email the Leanpub team about it at!

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