We encourage people to create books and courses on Leanpub to give the process a try, and to see if it's right for them.

Sometimes, authors give Leanpub a try, and then decide they want to delete their accounts.

Mostly authors do this before they sell any copies of their books, but occasionally an author who has published and sold books on Leanpub, asks us to delete their account.

If you made a paid purchase (as opposed to a free purchase) of a book or a course more than 60 days before the primary author of the book or course asks us to delete their account, you will retain the book or course in your Leanpub library.

However, if you have made a paid purchase of a book or course within the 60 days before the primary author of the book or course requests to have their account deleted, your purchase will be refunded, and the associated book or course that you purchased, will be removed from your Leanpub library. We do this so that we can delete the author's account as quickly as possible, in order to comply with various regulations, and because it's just the right thing to do.

Here's another article on why you might see an unexpected refund for a Leanpub purchase, and why you may have had a book or course unexpectedly removed from your Leanpub library: http://help.leanpub.com/en/articles/3643298-i-bought-something-from-leanpub-but-the-book-bundle-or-course-was-removed-from-my-leanpub-library-and-my-purchase-was-refunded-what-happened.

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