On very rare occasions, Leanpub will remove a book or course from your Leanpub library, and also refund the associated purchase, if it is a paid purchase, and the purchase is refundable. We really don't like the fact that sometimes we have to do this, but on occasion it is the right thing to do.

Please note that for various reasons, including privacy and security, we may not give a specific reason for why we have removed a book or course from your Leanpub library, or why we have refunded the associated purchase.

Here are some reasons why this happens:

  • Intentional or unintentional publication of a book or course with no original content. Sometimes Leanpub authors click the "Publish" button too early in the process, and just publish the default content we add to newly created books and courses. On occasion, someone actually buys a book or course published this way, without knowing that there's no content of any value to them in the book, and before we've discovered the issue ourselves, and we have unpublished the book or course.

  • Possible infringement of our Terms of Service. Please note this doesn't necessarily mean an author did something very bad; it just means they've possibly broken one or more of our rules.

  • Possible fraud, or some other bad behaviour. This includes potential copyright infringement, for example.

  • An author has requested to have their account deleted. If an author has asked us to delete their account, we are required to respond expediently, in order to comply with various regulations, and of course because it's obviously just the right thing to do. In cases like this, we will refund any paid purchases of the author's books or courses, if those purchases were made within the 60 days before the author's account deletion request is made. We will also remove the associated books or courses from your Leanpub library. Any purchases more than 60 days old when the request is made, will not be refunded, and the book or course will remain available in your Leanpub library.

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