Sometimes we need to remove books and courses from Leanpub. This includes removing the book or course not just from the Leanpub store, but also from the libraries of people who have purchased the book or course, whether they made a free or a paid purchase of the book or course.

When we remove a book or course from a reader's library, if it was a paid purchase, we do our best to issue a refund for that purchase, if it is still possible for us to do so.

This kind of thing is rare, and we know it is unpleasant, but unfortunately it is occasionally necessary.

The removal of a book or course can happen for a number of reasons, and as a policy, we don't disclose the specific reason in any particular case, largely for the sake of privacy.

Reasons for the removal of a book or course from your library, and for an associated refund, include, but are not limited to:

- An author clicked the button to publish their book or course, without understanding that this would make it available for sale on Leanpub

- Suspected violation of our Terms of Service or Copyright Policy

- We've received a DMCA takedown notice (or something equivalent to that)

- We have been notified of some kind of dispute regarding the rights to the book or course

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