On the following page, you can opt in to getting email notifications when an author releases a new version of a book you have purchased:

Since many Leanpub books and courses are published in-progress as they are being created, it's especially important to opt in to getting emailed release notes so that you get updates.

Please note that using this feature does not reveal your email address to the author of the book.

However, many Leanpub readers love connecting with Leanpub authors! To share your email address with a Leanpub author, so they can add you to their mailing lists, please read this article.

Also, Leanpub authors often publish new versions of their books without sending notifications. For example, if an author has just fixed a typo, they may publish a new version of their book, but they will not send a notification (our authors are nice people, but our instructions are clear that this feature should not be used to spam readers with constant notifications).

Finally, if an author send a notification about a new version of a book being published, even if you have decided you didn't want to get notifications emails, you will still get a notification within Leanpub. Click on the bell icon at the top of the page to see your notifications alerts:

To learn how to find the latest version of your Leanpub ebooks, courses, or tracks, please see this article:

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