You can get a refund for Leanpub books within 45 days of purchase with just a couple of clicks.

To get a refund, log in to your Leanpub account and go to your Leanpub Library page where you can view all your purchases at Once there you will find a 'Request Refund' link at the bottom right of the book selection box. (To get a refund for a bundle, you just need to request a refund for one of the books and it will show you that it is a refund for all of the books in the bundle.)

If you've never gone to your Leanpub library to review your purchases before, here's some information about how this works: We automatically create an account for you when you purchase your first book. This is done so that you can always access the latest version of all books that you purchase on Leanpub, in one place. If you've never set a password for your account, you can do this using the "Forgot Password?" link on our Login page ( Once you sign in, you'll be able to go to your Library to do the refund.

If you cannot find the button to get a refund, please email us with a refund request at, and we can process the refund for you.

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