We are building a feature that will let users be notified via email when an ebook, ebook bundle, or online course goes on sale.

To opt in to this feature, go to your Leanpub account "Email Settings" page here:

(If you need to create a Leanpub account, you can do that here: https://leanpub.com/sign_up.)

On that page, click the buttons to subscribe to our Weekly and Monthly email newsletter sales:

Next, scroll down the "Wish List Sale Emails" section, and tick the box next to "Allow Leanpub to send you Wish List Sale emails"

After you tick the box, click the button that says "Save Account Settings About Wish List Sale Emails":

Now, when the feature is eventually built, you will start getting notification emails whenever something in your Wish List is on one of our sales!

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