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Selling and Royalties
Selling and Royalties
How To Price A Self-Published Book
Why is the pricing complicated?
Can I sell companion files as an Extra without selling the book itself? I want to offer an upsell: say $10 for the book, and $10 for the extras.
Why did Leanpub raise the minimum price of a book from $4.99 to $7.99?
I'm in the UK or EU, and I'm concerned that I won't get very much in royalties after PayPal fees and exchange rates on currency conversion. How does this work?
How and when do you pay royalties?
Can I sell my book on Leanpub and other sites at the same time?
Can I receive royalties by some other means than PayPal?
Can a book have multiple authors who split the royalties?
Can I use Leanpub to create print-ready PDFs for third-party print-on-demand sites like Lulu and Amazon?
Can I change the price of my book after publishing it? For example, can I start cheap, release new chapters over time, and increase the price as my book's getting more valuable?
Leanpub doesn't require that I get an ISBN for my book, but should I get an ISBN anyway? Do I need more than one ISBN, for example do I need separate ISBNs for EPUB and PDF versions of my book?
What happens if a library wants to buy my book?
What if a traditional publisher is interested in publishing my Leanpub book?
If I write a book on Leanpub, will I be free to have my finished book printed and sold separately? I'd get my own ISBN as well as copyright.
What does Leanpub think about other online bookstores and other self-publishing platforms?
I'm making a new course, either by myself or with CourseAI. How should I price the course? Also, how do courses compare to books in sales?
I'm Canadian, and my accountant is telling me to be concerned about GST. Should I be?
Sorry, we won't double-check your own royalty calculations. Here's why...
Will I get an email from Leanpub when you send me a royalty payment via PayPal?
I can see there was a $0.00 free purchase of my book on Leanpub, but it is not available for free! What happened?
Wise sometimes requires an identification step before you can receive your payment of Leanpub royalties
Supported Countries for Leanpub Royalty Payments to Self-Published Authors
How to Price a Bundle of Ebooks: Understanding the Price Divisibility Effect
I got a royalty payment sent to my Wise account a while ago, but I just got a royalty email notification from Leanpub now. Why did this happen?
What can I do if a Leanpub's royalty payment sent to me through PayPal fails?
What can I do if a Leanpub's royalty payment sent to me through Wise fails?
What can I do if a royalty payment to me fails?
I'm the Primary Author of a book and I want to change the royalty split with a co-author. Do I need to inform Leanpub of this change?
How can I share my royalties with a cause?
I'm from a country that is not supported by Wise or PayPal, so I can not receive royalty payments from Leanpub. Do you provide alternative methods of payment, such as gift cards for Amazon or Nintendo?
Should I opt my book in to the "Free With Membership" feature on Leanpub? I'm concerned my royalties will go down. What should I do?
Can you give me some more information on how the Partner Program sales and royalties reconciliation process works?
June 2024 Royalties issue: All Author, Cause and Publisher PayPal and Wise Royalty Payments have now been sent!
How To Sell Hundreds of Copies of Your Non-Fiction Ebook to a Company in One Simple Purchase
How can I find out which of my Leanpub sales were associated with a particular royalty payment?
Someone got a refund for my book. Can I contact them? Will Leanpub contact them for me?
What is the minimum royalty payout for Wise?
Royalties Are Now Paid on the Seventh of the Month
How Do I Set Which Wise Account My Royalty Payment is Sent To? I Have More Than One Bank Account Tied to My Wise Account...