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Purchasing Help
Purchasing Help

Help with buying individual and multiple copies of Leanpub books, bundles and courses.

Will I get an invoice after purchase, with my VAT and company name on it? I need an invoice, not a receipt.
Putting the downloads so far down the post-purchase page is bad UX.
I made a purchase using a VAT number and I still got charged VAT. Can you please help?
Can I buy a Leanpub book if I'm from Turkey?
Are Reader Memberships restricted to one person, or can an organization use it for its employees? Can I buy a Reader Membership for a team?
What does a Leanpub purchase invoice look like? What information does a Leanpub purchase invoice include?
Can you please fill in a Vendor Information Form for me?
There was a small extra charge added to my purchase, that is not shown on my Leanpub receipt. What happened?
I understand you process all your payments in USD. But how do I calculate the exchange rate for my purchase?
If I already have one of the books in a bundle, do I get a rebate when buying the bundle?
I'm trying to make a purchase and it's showing the wrong country IP address. What can I do?
I want to purchase a book or a course on behalf of a company or an organization, and I need an invoice for my purchase with my company information. Can you provide me with a custom invoice?
I made a purchase and didn't get the currency exchange rate I was expecting. What happened?!
I am getting the message "This transaction cannot be processed. Please contact PayPal Customer Service." But I'm not using PayPal, I'm using your credit card form. What can I do?
I'm not receiving my receipt/invoice email from Leanpub. How can I get a receipt/invoice for a purchase?
I can't create an account. Help!
I bought the wrong book by mistake! What can I do?
Someone told me that a book or a course was free, but I got charged for it! Why?
When will I get my refund?
I'm having trouble making a purchase! What can I do?
Can you send me an invoice, in advance of making a purchase?
I think I bought a book twice. How can I check to make sure, and how can I get a refund?
I'm trying to pay with PayPal and I'm getting an error that says "There was a problem with PayPal, please try again later". What can I do?
I'm considering buying a book which is 75% done. What does that mean exactly? Also, does Leanpub sell print books?
I'm organizing a conference and I'd like to give away Leanpub books to my attendees. What should I do?
I bought a book, then I subsequently signed up for Leanpub. How do I get my purchase added to my account?
I'm trying to make a purchase and it says I need to accept the Terms of Service, but I don't see them!?
I noticed a charge on my credit card which was then refunded, and I don't know who Leanpub is! What should I do?
I bought a book and then saw it was part of a bundle of books! What should I do?
I'm a bookseller in the EU and I want to buy a book for one of my clients. Can I do this?
Why don't you charge the lower ebook VAT rate for Italy?
There doesn't seem to be that much security around download links...?
I want to order your ebooks or courses with a purchase order. Can I do this?
What is the VAT rate for ebooks and online courses in my country?
I'm a repeat customer and I can't seem to sign in and make a purchase! Help!
What's your Canadian GST number? I need it for my records!
Can I buy multiple copies of a book with a coupon?
I want to buy a Leanpub book for someone else. How can I buy a Leanpub book for other people?
My credit card purchase was declined. What can I do?
If I want to purchase a Monthly Reader Membership, will I be charged again after a month?
I'm trying to get a custom invoice and I'm seeing an error message. What can I do?
My phone number is being rejected when I'm trying to make a purchase on Leanpub. What can I do?
I'm a university or college professor and I'd like to buy Leanpub ebooks for my students. What should I do?
I'm trying to use a credit card from a different country from the country I live in. However, when I switch countries in the credit card form, the fields are blank and I can't complete the purchase. What can I do?
How can I order more than one copy of an e-book to distribute to employees, and how can I purchase e-books as an organization or company?
I'm a student and I'd like to get a book for free, or for a discount. What can I do?
I’m a bookseller agent in France. I would like to purchase an ebook for a customer and forward it to them. How can I do this?
Answers to General Purchasing Questions
I forgot to add a Guest Purchase to my account in time. Is there any other way to add it to my account, so it shows up in my library and in my purchases list?
Tax withholding and other arbitrary (from our perspective) tax, accounting, institutional, and financial practices are not permitted by Leanpub, sorry!