You can look up the VAT rate in your country here:

Please note that the Standard Rate applies to ebooks and courses, unless there is an explicit exception for ebooks.

In many countries, the VAT rate on ebooks is higher than the VAT rate on print books.

Due to a decision made by the EU in late 2018, the VAT rate on ebooks may be reduced. If you think the VAT rate we are charging for an online course or an ebook is wrong, please email us at

In terms of whether we can use a lower ebook rate, it is not up to what is said on that Avalara web page. Instead, we must also confirm that this rate is accepted by the online VAT OSS tax return form of the EU country which we use to file our quarterly VAT OSS returns. Otherwise, if we use a low rate since Avalara said we could, and then this rate was not actually provided as an option on the quarterly tax return form, we would be in the position we need to remit more VAT than we actually collected.

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