We are registered with the VAT OSS system. Here is a website on this topic:


You can find business information about us here:


Leanpub is owned and operated by Ruboss Technology Corporation.

Ruboss is a company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.

Ruboss's VAT identification number is EU372002581.

If companies not based in the EU that are registered with the VAT OSS system will appear in a particular database search, then we should appear in that database search.

However, please note that some databases search only for companies based in the EU. Specifically, Ruboss does not show up in the VIES database, since we are not based in the EU. VAT numbers issued to non-EU companies for VAT OSS purposes do NOT show up in VIES.

Whether you can identify or validate our VAT identification number in a database depends on the parameters of the particular database.

Here is an article from our Help Center with more information about VAT OSS:


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