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General questions about Leanpub which are not specific to authors, readers, publishers or causes.

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How can I tell which account I'm signed in to? I'm not seeing the correct purchases in my library!
Technical questions about how Leanpub manages accounts
The price on Leanpub is in USD, but that is not my local currency. Can you let me know what the final charge will be in my currency, including sales taxes, the currency exchange rate, and fees?
Can I make purchases on Leanpub using cryptocurrency?
I entered my VAT number when I made a purchase, but VAT was added to the purchase! What can I do?
Why has my account been suspended? What can I do next?
A Leanpub author offered me a coupon for a special offer, but I can't find it. What can I do to get my coupon?
I want to buy multiple lifetime Reader, Standard, or Pro memberships for my team. What should I do?
My purchase attempts are being rejected. What can I do?
Does Leanpub have an affiliate link program?
How do I make a guest purchase using PayPal?
Where can I follow Leanpub online?
Is there a public timeline for Leanpub's feature development and releases?
Can I share the Leanpub Weekly Sale or Monthly Sale email newsletters with people on social media and elsewhere?
I need you to re-send a receipt for my purchase. Can I do this myself?
I tried to complete a purchase, but the purchase window just shows a blank screen. What happened, and what can I do?
Is it possible to validate your identification number by VIES or using some other database?
Where can I sign up for Leanpub's weekly and monthly discount email newsletter sales, to get great deals on books by Leanpub authors?
Can I buy something from Leanpub with a bank transfer?
I represent a publisher interested in acquiring the rights to a book published on Leanpub. What should I do?
How are books ranked in Leanpub's bestseller lists?
I can't sign in and I'm seeing a message about CAPTCHA. What can I do to log in?
How can I change the email address for my Leanpub account?
What countries does PayPal operate in?
Where can I find information about Leanpub's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc.?
I see an "Author Earns" slider. What if the author has passed away?
Is It OK to Download and then Share Leanpub Ebooks online?
If I close my Leanpub account, does this mean that Leanpub will delete all my personal data?
How Do I Set Up My Avatar in the Forums?
When I clicked a link to email you, why did you open Outlook?
What does Leanpub do about bad actors?
What are Leanpub's normal hours of operation?
I'm trying to post to the forums and I see "Account temporarily on hold". What can I do?
How do I log in?
Where is Leanpub based?
When I try to sign in, I get a "Bad email or password", then when I try to reset my password, I get a "Unknown email". What can I do?
I'm not getting the reset password email from Leanpub. What can I do?
I'm trying to create a Leanpub account and I'm getting the error message "Please the review the problems below". What can I do?
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Your Data and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
I'm based in the EU, and I need your Certificate of Fiscal Residence for accounting purposes.
Does Leanpub have a bug bounty program?
There are charges from Leanpub on my PayPal account or on my credit card or Visa debit card statement that I do not recognize! Please help me resolve this and get them refunded.