Just like with all online services, sometimes bad people show up on Leanpub trying to do bad things.

We monitor all books and courses that are created and published on Leanpub constantly, looking for bad actors. We have zero tolerance for copyright violations or any activity we suspect may be in any way fraudulent, or otherwise in violation of our Terms of Service.

When we discover activity we suspect may be fraudulent in any way (including suspicious-looking purchases), and/or in violation of our Terms of Service in any way, at our sole discretion, and without any warning or notification, we may refund all refundable purchases of the books and courses associated with a Leanpub account, and close the account, as well as banning the account and the user permanently. (To be clear, these actions will remove all of the books and courses associated with the account from sale on the Leanpub website, and will also remove the associated books and courses from Leanpub readers' libraries, if anyone has bought them.) If we suspect the same user is the owner of any other existing Leanpub account, or has later signed up for a new Leanpub account, we may also close and permanently ban any such account in the same way.

If you see anything that you suspect may be bad activity on Leanpub, please contact the team with any details you can provide (screenshots and links are really helpful!) via email at hello@leanpub.com.

For further reference, here are links to our Copyright Policy, our Privacy Policy, and, again, to our Terms of Service.

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