Occasionally, people report that they do not receive the reset password email from Leanpub, after they request it here:


Sometimes, this is not a problem Leanpub can do anything to resolve. Here is some guidance that might help:

  • Please make sure you are checking the correct email account.

  • Check to see if the email is in your Spam folder, or some other place, like the "Promotions" tab in Gmail.

  • Check to see if you email account has reached its storage limit. This really does happen to people sometimes!

  • Whitelist emails from leanpub.com . How you do this depends on the email service you are using.

If one of the above problems is the issue, once you have it resolved, please try requesting a reset password email again.

If none of these things is the issue, please email us about the issue at hello@leanpub.com

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