Presumably you are reading this after detecting something on your credit card and then interacting with our support staff or searching our Help Center.

First, if there was a fraudulent transaction on your credit card, you should start by canceling your credit card!

Leanpub is an ebook startup based in Canada which sells mostly computer programming books. We have our own fraud-detection process, in addition to the process used by PayPal Website Payments Pro, our credit card processor.

If there was a charge on your credit card which was subsequently refunded, then here's what happened:

  1. A purchase was made using a credit card.

  2. PayPal Website Payments Pro did nothing to flag that purchase for us as potentially fraudulent.

  3. However, in a subsequent review of our purchases, there was something about the purchase which matched a pattern which looked possibly suspicious to us.

  4. So, when we noticed that in a batch anti-fraud process after the purchase had already completed, we refunded the purchase.

We hate fraud, and we work hard to stop it. If a transaction looks possibly suspicious to us, even if it looked fine to PayPal Website Payments Pro, we just refund it. Besides the fact that fraud is theft, another reason for us to hate fraud is that as a merchant, if there is subsequently a chargeback, then we will be charged a chargeback fee. This fee is about $10 per chargeback, so we hate fraudsters even more than you do!

Again, if the purchase was fraudulent, you should definitely cancel the credit card which was used.

If you work at a company, and you need to provide something to your accounting department, hopefully this article will suffice. If not, then please email and include the date of the transaction and the last 4 digits of the credit card number. We can then use that to find the transaction in PayPal Website Payments Pro, and we can send you the transaction details that way. However, that's a bit of work for our support team, so we really hope that this description suffices.

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