All the information that you probably need for this type of form is found on our Business Information about Leanpub page.

We do not fill out Vendor Information Forms, sorry.

Here's why:

We know that various large organizations and government agencies around the world sometimes have vendor information forms that they require to be filled out in order for them to make purchases from that vendor.

With the information on our Business Information about Leanpub page, you should be able to create the relevant vendor profile for Ruboss in your system.

We do not fill these forms out ourselves for the simple reason that it is not cost-effective for us to do so.

We pay our authors 80% royalties, so on a $20 book sale, we earn about $3 after the payment processing costs on the purchase itself and on sending the royalties to the author(s). Since we operate at a very low margin, we cannot respond to these types of requests without losing money on those sales because of the support cost.

So, we have to ensure that the material we have publicly available is sufficient for legitimate compliance purposes that these organizations have, since we can't afford to spend time filling out vendor information forms.

We do value every Leanpub customer very much, and we thank you very much for your understanding in this regard.

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