We automatically create a Leanpub account with every purchase made by someone who is not signed in to an existing Leanpub account, since our books are often published in-progress and you need to be able to access the latest version of each book from your Leanpub library.

The email address used to create the new Leanpub account will be either:

  1. With a credit card purchase, we ask you for an email address at the time of purchase, and we use that.

  2. If you use a PayPal account to make a purchase, we use your PayPal email to create the Leanpub account.

If you make a purchase some time later when you are not signed in to your Leanpub account from your first purchase, or if you sign up for a new Leanpub account using a different email address, then you may find that now have two Leanpub accounts!

Thankfully you can combine the two Leanpub accounts into one account in just a couple of steps, so you can see all your purchases in one Leanpub account.

Here are the instructions for merging accounts:


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