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Absolutely!  This can be especially helpful in a classroom setting.

(Note that if you're organizing a conference, we have a better option for you!)

At Leanpub, coupons are just special URLs for the book the coupon is for, and they look like this:


Say you have the following coupon: 


To buy, say, a 30 copy purchase of this book using this coupon, here's what you do:

  1. Go to https://leanpub.com/lean/c/aoeu1234  

  2. Click Add Ebook to Cart

  3. Click Edit on the book, once it's in your cart

  4. Set the quantity to 30 and click "Update"

  5. This will update the total to be the discounted coupon price, and you'll be back at the Review stage of the cart

  6. Click Continue to Checkout, and then complete the purchase.

You can then distribute the ebook in one of two ways:

a) just hand out the PDF, EPUB or MOBI files in the teaching material (there is no DRM on any Leanpub book)

b) send out individual tokens for copies, per http://help.leanpub.com/purchasing-help/im-a-materials-buyer-for-a-college-and-we-have-an-instructor-who-wants-to-use-a-leanpub-book-as-a-textbook-how-do-i-buy-it-to-sell-in-our-bookstore 

Note that (b) results in the students getting Leanpub accounts, whereas (a) does not.

So for simplicity you may prefer (a), but to enable the students to get automatic free updates to the books, you may prefer (b).  (We're happy either way!)

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