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Accepting Your Leanpub Royalty Payments via Wise (With Currency Conversion)
Accepting Your Leanpub Royalty Payments via Wise (With Currency Conversion)

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Accepting Your Leanpub Royalty Payments via Wise (With Currency Conversion)

We now support using Wise to get your royalty payments!

(Wise used to be called TransferWise. Supporting TransferWise is something that some of our authors have been asking us to do for a long time!)

So, this means you can now choose whether you want to receive your Leanpub royalty payments via either Wise or PayPal.

With Wise, payments go directly to your bank account, so there is no intermediate step. Also, Wise supports payments to some countries where PayPal does not operate.

Perhaps best of all, Wise will convert your USD royalties into the local currency you choose, typically at a great rate! That's one reason we have made Wise the default royalty payment method for new author signups.

Wise is a fantastic choice if you are converting your USD royalties to another currency. You will almost certainly save money compared to receiving USD via PayPal and then converting either with your bank or when you withdraw it from PayPal. This is because Wise has excellent exchange rates to a number of currencies, including EUR, GBP and CAD. The full list of supported currencies is below.

To receive your Leanpub royalty payments via Wise, select Wise on your royalty payment settings page on Leanpub here:

If you choose to have Leanpub send you royalty payments via Wise, then the next time we send you a royalty payment, Wise will send you an email for you to sign in to your Wise account if you already have one, and give you the opportunity to sign up for a new Wise account, if you don't already have one.

You can also sign up for a Wise account any time here:

You will need to give Wise your bank deposit information and go through a couple of confirmation steps, and then you will be able receive your royalties.

The way the currency conversion works is that you can specify the currency that Wise will convert your royalties into on your payment settings page on Leanpub. Then, when we send your royalties, Wise will do the conversion. (The full list of currencies supported is below.)

From our own perspective, here are three really good reasons for us to use Wise!

  1. It means our authors get more money (especially when they are converting USD to some other currency), which makes them happier and makes Leanpub even better for them to use.

  2. It reduces our fees when paying royalties. (PayPal charges us a fee to send royalties, and we just eat the cost.)

  3. Now that we offer Stripe as a payment option, it saves us money if some meaningful percentage of our authors use Wise to receive their royalty payments instead of PayPal.

Those are among the important reasons that we are encouraging authors to use Wise.

Below is a link to an article where Wise explains which countries they do, and do not, operate in:

Below is a list of the currencies that Wise can convert your royalties into when paying you your royalties, provided you set your currency on your royalty payment settings page (at the time this information was added to this Leanpub Help Center article).

  • AED - United Arab Emirates dirham

  • ARS - Argentine peso

  • AUD - Australian dollar

  • BGN - Bulgarian lev

  • BWP - Botswana pula

  • CAD - Canadian dollar

  • CHF - Swiss franc

  • CLP - Chilean peso

  • CNY - Chinese yuan

  • CRC - Costa Rican colón

  • CZK - Czech koruna

  • DKK - Danish krone

  • EGP - Egyptian pound

  • EUR - Euro

  • FJD - Fijian dollar

  • GBP - British pound

  • GEL - Georgian lari

  • GHS - Ghanaian cedi

  • HKD - Hong Kong dollar

  • HRK - Croatian kuna

  • HUF - Hungarian forint

  • IDR - Indonesian rupiah

  • ILS - Israeli shekel

  • INR - Indian rupee

  • JPY - Japanese yen

  • KES - Kenyan shilling

  • KRW - South Korean won

  • LKR - Sri Lankan rupee

  • MAD - Moroccan dirham

  • MXN - Mexican peso

  • MYR - Malaysian ringgit

  • NGN - Nigerian naira

  • NOK - Norwegian krone

  • NPR - Nepalese rupee

  • NZD - New Zealand dollar

  • PHP - Philippine peso

  • PLN - Polish złoty

  • RON - Romanian leu

  • SEK - Swedish krona

  • SGD - Singapore dollar

  • THB - Thai baht

  • TRY - Turkish lira

  • UAH - Ukrainian hryvnia

  • USD - United States dollar

  • UYU - Uruguayan peso

  • VND - Vietnamese dong

  • XOF - West African CFA franc

  • ZAR - South African rand

  • ZMW - Zambian kwach

That's it!

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