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Leanpub Author FAQ
Leanpub Author FAQ

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Hello Leanpub authors!

Below are links to some articles and resources that answer some of the questions our self-published authors often have.

If you don't find an answer to your question here, please search our Authors Forum, or create a new post there. The Leanpub team reads all the posts in the Authors Forum, but you might find that another author provides you with a great answer before we do!

I'd like to become a Leanpub author. What should I do? What do I need to know?

Is it free to use Leanpub's self-publishing platform?

What is Leanpub's royalty rate? Are there any restrictions on where I can publish my book?

How do I get started working on my book?

What is Markua?

How and when do you pay royalties?

I'm writing a book or course on Leanpub. Do I own the copyright?

Eventually I want to sell my books on other platforms, like Amazon or IngramSpark. Should I use Leanpub?

When my book is done I want to sell print copies on another platform. Can Leanpub help with this?

How can I edit my Leanpub profile page?

What are the different features in the Free, Standard and Pro author plans?

There are limited "previews" and "publishes" when you have a Free plan. What does this mean?

Where can I upgrade my author plan?

Where can I make a one-time payment for a lifetime Standard or Pro author plan?

Can you give me some tips for how to succeed as a self-published author on Leanpub?

What are the settings for the different Book Themes?

How can readers contact me and give me feedback?

Where can I see information about my royalties?

How can I add testimonials to my book landing page on Leanpub?

Can readers of my book or course share their email address with me?

I'm having a problem generating my book. What should I do?

I couldn't find an answer to my question anywhere in this Help Center. How can I get more help when I need it?

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